We are quite sure that everyone likes watching movies, if not then they’re into music and music videos. On our days of and breaks, these sorts of media are what we look forwards to as we relax. Unfortunately, not all movies, films and music are accessible for everyone. A lot of us also don’t have the money to purchase every movie we want to watch or music we want to listen too. It’s a good thing that we don’t have to go through all these struggles, there’s an android application designed to solve this problem.

Vidmate lets you download thousands of films, music and videos with absolutely no charge. Millions of people are already enjoying the privilege that Vidmate brings them and you should too. Vidmate is able to download unlimited videos and over 200 television channels for free! Another great thing about this app is that it supports numerous formats for added convenience; YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo and so many more. You’ll never ever get bored with all the possibilities. No more lines in cinemas, DVD purchases or waiting in long lines just to see a cool film. Plus, you can always replay all the films that you loved.

Features of Vidmate

Vidmate has a lot of features that are aimed to make the whole experience a lot easier and convenient for the users.

  • When downloading a file supported by a website, the user can pause, break or resume the overall download pattern.
  • Users are also given the option of pausing, deleting and restarting downloads whenever they want to.
  • Vidmate supports download files over 1 GB in size.
  • Is able to support various file formats like MP4, MOV, 3GP, MPEG, FIV, AVI and WMV.
  • Vidmate allows simultaneous file downloads.
  • Automatically detects links in browsers.
  • Users can delete any downloaded file in case the device‘s memory is full.
  • Is able to support over 50,000 high quality songs.
  • Allows the download of numerous television channels too.
  • User will be able to play movies without all the hassle of buffering them.

How to Download Vidmate


The best link to download Vidmate would be Androidfry. It’s a trusty website and you’ll know you opened the right one when you see what’s in the picture. Just click on the button that says ‘download’ and wait for the application download to finish.

Just go on and say yes to their terms and conditions because no one really read that, don’t deny. Once the download is finished, you can immediately open the application. Another great thing is that you’re not required to create an account in on the application; you can immediately look for a video to watch.

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Beforehand, you might want to look at the settings and change the default location. By default your location would state ‘worldwide’, its better if you change in to your real location so you could see the trending music and videos in your area. Don’t worry since the locations are quite general like Southeast Asia, India and America.

How to Download Videos

Okay, so this is a general procedure on download videos, thus it works for any movies, films and music videos.

  1. On the search bar type in the video that you want to look for. In our example, we’ll look for the music video of Selena Gomez for the song “The Heart Wants What it Wants”.
  2. When the search results are displayed, as you can see you can immediately download the file video or you can watch them.
  3. If you do decide to download the file, you’ll be given choices as to formats and sizes. Downloads are amazingly quick and they will end up in your gallery.
  4. With only a few clicks of a button you’ll be able to watch movies and listen to music, it’s that easy!

vidmATE 1

Keep in Mind

  • Vidmate offers free services, thus you will encounter a lot of advertisements.
  • All the trending videos and music are readily available on the home page.
  • Sometimes, the application will notify you on about videos that are highly trending.
  • In case you’re not satisfied with the video, you can always delete it.

vidmATE 2