Basically camping is packing and putting on your backpack with essential camping gears and heading towards the campsite. When we think of camping, usually a picture of hiking comes to our mind. We imagine walking through the woods or climbing a mountain during the day time and relaxing in a tent or a hammock after the sunset. Did you know there are different types of camping? You can choose your camping type, depending on how adventurous you want your camping trip to be.

So, let’s get started with knowing more about different types of camping

1. Tent Camping

Tent camping is one of the most simple and basic types of camping where you just have to find the right campsite that could be from the official campsite, through the forest to a beach, where you can place your tent and spend your time in it, which can be for a single to several nights.

There are some things to be taken care of while tent camping. Firstly, find a flat ground without any rocks or tree roots to set up your tent. Secondly, avoid placing your tent in any type of pit or water passage, as it could be dangerous in case of heavy rains.

The plus point of tent camping is that it serves as a base camp for your short and local hikes, also, you can make lunch in the wilderness and in the night you can enjoy and have fun besides the campfire (only if it is permitted). Don’t forget to carry a camping stove if you wish to cook while camping. 

If you are planning to buy a new or replacing your camping stove, just go through the reviews for latest camping stoves before making your purchase.

2. Backpacking/Hiking

Hiking is all about walking during the day time with all your camping gears and accessories on your back and at night find a suitable place to rest in your tent or hammock and again keep moving the next day. This type of camping could last for a day to several months. Therefore it is advisable to carry camping gears which are lightweight and of utmost necessity.

This type of camping can help you enjoy nature’s beauty and you will constantly find something new and different about nature as you won’t be spending your time at the campsite. 

It is very important to plan this kind of camping trip and inform someone about your plan, so if something goes wrong, there will be someone to start the search. Be sure to also do ample research on sites like The Expert Camper to be better prepared for any kind of situation.

3. Canoe Camping

Canoe camping is basically a backpacking trip, but here instead of hiking you will travel by water in your canoe. This type of camping could be like a therapy for you as the sound of water will calm you down and scenic beauty of nature will make you feel refreshed.

These trips provide different attractions like fishing, picturesque scenery, spotting some wildlife, etc.

It is very important to check the weather before going for canoe camping, because it could be dangerous rowing in rain.

4. Survival Camping

This is the most extreme type of camping and only advisable for those who have mastered the camping skills and techniques. For such a type of camping planning every single detail is very important. There are two types of survival camping

  • Base Camp Survival Camping – In this type you have to set-up your tent at an unknown, isolated and lonely spot and spend some time there. Also, you have to find food for yourself by hunting, fishing or find anything that you can eat.
  • Walk Out Survival Camping – Here you are left at an unknown place in the wilderness and you have to find your way back to the civilization.  It is very challenging and difficult to find food and water in such an unknown territory.


To enjoy any type of camping, it is necessary that you plan your trip well and carry only the essential and lightweight camping gears along.