Managing projects across a remote team can be messy, but not if you have functional cloud-based project management software. The importance of solid project management was emphasized during the pandemic. Businesses hired more global and remote talent and have since caught on to the value of cloud-based PM software for such a work environment. 

A typical cloud-based project management software has several benefits, all focused on maintaining your daily business operations. These tools help you streamline and automate multiple processes and ensure everyone, including stakeholders, is on the same page regarding projects regardless of their physical location. 

Let’s explore more benefits of cloud-based project management software for your remote team and some best practices to enable you to get the most out of your tools. 

Eight Benefits of Cloud-based Project Management Software For Remote Teams

Cloud-based project management software like Asana, Trello and other Jira alternatives helps facilitate several processes during projects. Here are 8 benefits these PM tools will have for your remote team. 

1. Easy access

Easy access

One of the key benefits of a cloud-based PM software is that users can access stored information easily and from any location as long as they have an internet connection. They can also access this information from any smart device like phones or tablets and don’t need to connect to the company’s server. This feature is crucial for remote teams because it boosts cross-functional collaboration and fosters productivity. When team members have direct and unlimited access to the information they need, they can complete tasks much faster. 

2. Simple and quick setup

Most cloud-based project management tools are very easy to set up and implement, so much so that teams can start using them the same day. You just need to acquire licensing for your company and share the link with your team. Also, there are tutorials on how to get started for tools with a bit of a learning curve. However, no project management tool is difficult to figure out or requires in-depth training. The creators of these tools place ease of use as a top priority so businesses can use them immediately.  

3. Consistent transparency

One of the issues most people have with remote work is the inability to just walk over to the next desk to see how far your coworker has gone with a particular task. Fortunately, project management tools make it easy to track and monitor the project as it moves along different stages. Team members can see how well the project is going, analyze any issues and communicate with each other all on one platform. This way, the project moves seamlessly to completion. Senior stakeholders and project sponsors can also have a direct view of how the project is going through the detailed assessments and completion displays these tools offer. 

4. Cost efficient

Cost efficient

Servers can be quite expensive, especially for companies with many team members who handle huge projects. Project management tools don’t need servers to function, which already reduces your cost to a large extent. You don’t have to buy additional software, new hardware or hire more IT personnel to maintain it. All you need are your team’s computers and a great internet connection. Also, since most project management tools charge per user, you can limit access to only employees involved in that project and save costs. The payment for most project management software is usually tailored to match your company’s needs. For example, if you need a tool with a vast array of features, high capacity management and can handle more than 100 users at a time, your pricing would be considerably higher than that of a business with just 10 users. Basically, with most PM software, you pay for what you use. 

5. Highly adaptable

One of the best things about cloud-based project management solutions is you can adapt them to fit different projects and approaches. This means you don’t have to buy different tools for different projects, as one tool can be used by multiple departments in your company and still deliver excellent results. You can set up complex or simple projects, as most of these tools offer Kanban or Agile project views. 

6. Better cross-team collaboration

With project management tools, different departments like marketing, sales, and product can easily collaborate on the same projects. You can see what project stage your team members are on and communicate with them right on the PM platform. You also don’t need to send multiple emails back and forth or leave voicemails; everything is streamlined, so you can see what your team members are working on and leave your notes as needed. In a remote work setting, effective collaboration is one of the major factors affecting productivity, efficiency and project completion. Having a solid cloud-based project management tool helps everyone stay on the same page at all times. 

7. Improved productivity for remote teams

Sometimes, remote workers can feel out of the loop, especially when inter-team communication is inefficient. Cloud-based project management tools help businesses facilitate information sharing and collaboration from different locations. Team members can stay connected wherever they are and complete their tasks efficiently. When you eliminate the continuous back and forth that often happens during projects and provide employees with a bird’s eye view of the project, there’s less chatter or downtime and more work. 

8. Eliminates downtime from maintenance

Ever gotten to work ready to crush a project, only to open your computer and see ‘server updating’ floating across the screen? Waiting an hour or more for a server update can be quite frustrating. Employees lose momentum, and worst-case scenario, the project launch gets delayed. Cloud technology eliminates the need for server maintenance and ensures employees can get to work whenever they need to. They don’t have to wait for technicians or the IT guy to reboot or upgrade the server. The biggest delay you may experience with a cloud-based project management software is a slow or unstable internet connection, which usually resolves in a few minutes. 

Final Thoughts: Empower Remote Teams With Cloud-based Product Management

When managing a remote team, you need a solution that caters to all your employees regardless of location. Cloud-based project management software makes remote work fast, seamless and productive. Employees get access to vital information and resources at the click of a button, and they can collaborate and communicate with different team members while tracking project progress. This empowers your remote teams and makes them feel like a valuable part of the company, as they are always in the loop and don’t feel the distance.