If your business takes more than ten weekly orders, you should develop a mobile app. Creating an application that will simplify everything will bring only more buyers! Here is how you find a mobile development company that lets you create the #1 app.

1. Scan their Website

First, you should find out whether a development company can guide you through the entire creation process. Finding an app that matches your ideas and needs will be easy if this team has a working website with pictures and info on their previous projects. Also, it is never odd to check the transparency of their development cycle. The ideal example here is Velvetech — a 10/10 transparent Microsoft partner. 

2. Know their Experience

Mobile App Development Company for Business

Mobile developers who have provided services for at least five years are highly skilled and trustworthy. It’s not enough to make a great app; you want it completed on time and without complications. Moreover, you want to ensure you can ask them to build an app of a specific type. For instance, your business might need a booking/scheduling system, but the company focuses on FinTech solely and has a questionable hotel app development history.

A portfolio is your chance to see how the company’s previous orders turned out and if they can do what you need. You must look through samples to understand if their apps match your demands. Analyze and ask them for extra proof they have worked with that you want to create!

3. Be 100% Honest with Your Goals

Communication is key when it comes to app development. Through effective communication, the client and company can clearly understand what is anticipated of them and what needs to be done to create an app that meets everyone’s needs. The company needs 100% of the ideas a client has to make their order perfect. That allows for a smooth development process and helps ensure that the client is happy with the final product.

So, systematize your demands!

  • Tell them the app type you need
  • Be honest with your budget
  • State the app’s purpose and goals
  • Point out the tasks it has to accomplish
  • Explain your niche if needed
  • Gather references
  • Explain how you envision the design
  • Think of categories your app needs
  • Make a logo draft
  • And specify all other ideas!

4. Check for Cross-Platform Services


Cross-platform app development services are quite popular in the mobile development field. They let you create an app that performs well on Android and iOS devices! Many companies won’t offer this service, so ask if it’s available.

5. Estimate the Mobile App Costs

When you find a team of developers ready to assist with your project, you need to know how much the final cost will be. Mobile development is costly and can reach $75,000 if done by the best team! So, a company that asks for half the amount is trying to scam you or needs more experience in their field of expertise.

6. Read Through ALL Guarantees and Order Conditions

As a business player (potentially a game changer), you must be aware of any risks you take. Ordering an app from a company that doesn’t provide guarantees is risky and might give your competitors a chance!

So, learn everything about the order’s conditions and guarantees before signing up for their services. A trusted team will always discuss these things first and make sure you clearly understand them.

7. Strive to Find a Microsoft Partner

Microsoft apps are the most sought-after in the market. If a development team is an official Microsoft partner, they can create apps that work with their services. That means your app has to be integrated with Office 365, Outlook, Skype for Business, Dynamics CRM, and much more!

So, when looking for mobile developers online or offline, always check if the company is an official Microsoft partner. That is not obligatory, but that is a super big green flag. 

8. Consider an MVP

An MVP, or minimum viable product, might be a good solution if you’re doing mobile app development for the first time. A team of experienced developers can create this product for you and help you understand whether developing an app is worth it! An MVP allows you to test your market and gather feedback without spending too much money.

9. Make Sure They’re Open to Changes

No matter how great your app may be, there are always improvements that specialists can make. You’ll have to make changes at some point during the development process, so choose a company that is open to changes. That ensures that the final product will be what you need, not just something random. Always ask about their willingness to accept changes and ensure they’re on board when it comes time to fine-tune your app!

10. Of Course, Read Reviews First!

The only way to ensure that a company offers the best mobile app development services is by reading through reviews first. Clients who have worked with them will tell you what it’s like and if they’re worth your time and money. So, take this step; always read through client reviews before placing an order!

The best websites to check for reviews are:

  • Trustpilot
  • Sitejabber
  • Reddit
  • Social media platforms

Extra Tip: Try Finding Media Mentions

If an app development company looks great and meets the 10/10 demands you have, take your time and check for media mentions. Some newspapers and news websites might have written about them, so try finding their names in Google News. That is a great way to understand whether they have good reputations!

Extra Tip 2: Do Not Rush to Order — Consult First

Asking for a consultation with a team or individual before ordering is essential. That helps you learn more about the company and its workers while giving them your thoughts on what they should be doing. So, always check if that opportunity exists, as it will help you understand they’re truly worth working with!

Final Words

As you can see, finding a top app development firm takes a lot of work. It would be a 10/10 situation if you researched properly before making any decisions. Remember to be patient and take time when looking for one. By following the tips in this article, you will surely make your app plan come true. Good luck!