DOTA  is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in esports history to date. With over a million players playing DOTA daily, the game has raised the stakes of Esports betting. Punters looking for a new esports game to enjoy and wager on can head to mystake sportsbook and place money stakes on their favorite DOTA team.

If you are new to DOTA betting, welcome, and get ready to enjoy the best thrills of the gambling world today. Before you go all in with your betting, let’s talk about your betting strategy and the different betting markets available to binge on.

How does DOTA work?

DOTA  has been around since 2003 and is produced by Valve. Playable on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android or IOS, the strategy game sees 2 teams square it off on the battlefield, with you choosing to bet on the one that serves to win the battle. With 1.7 Million people reviewing the game on the site, along with the $35 million in tournament money, DOTA is a pillar in the world of esports. 

Betting on the game is easier than playing the game; however, with some luck and strategy, you could walk away with sizable winning bets!

Mastering your DOTA betting strategy 

Betting is all about strategy. When you wager money on sports, you need to know a thing or two about betting markets. That is where we come into the picture and save the day. Below we have listed some of the most prominent and used betting strategies DOTA fans use. Have a closer look at the below betting options for your DOTA fun. 

Match / Battle Winner – This is one of the most basic bets on DOTA or any other sport you choose. Here, you get to choose and wager money on the team you think will win the match/battle. It is a 50 / 50 bet depending on the odds. Keep in mind that betting on the underdog could be more profitable. 

Map Winner – DOTA emulates a battlefield; hence there are various locations where both teams can meet and square off. Some of the maps include the River, the Low ground (Mid-Lanes sections), High ground (The base and Side Lane Sections), the Elevated (Fountain with cliffs map) and the Valley (Side of the lane map). You can bet on a specific Map Winner, placing odds on the team you feel will win the battle at a particular location/map, or you can bet on a team winning the map and territory.

Proposition Bets – Proposition bets make things enjoyable in a betting setting. Here your betting gets creative, and you will be on various pros and events throughout the game. Some of the most sought-after DOTA prop bets include: how many players will be eliminated, the team that destroys 10 players first, the first kills, the first tower being beaten and even the amount of maps by a specific team. 

Eliminating Roshan – DOTA is not just about players squaring off on a battlefield. The online game also has a notorious creep-like creature called Roshan that lives in the Northern section of DOTA’s map. The unfriendly character is a threat to everyone and crawls into the game at the beginning of the battle and after a player is eliminated. Multiple players should work together to take down Roshan, with him becoming stronger as the game flows. Every 5 mins, Roshan will gain 500HP + 5 damage at 0.5 armor. The beast is difficult to take down, and players will die without collaboration. When betting on DOTA and DOTA 2. you can bet on the team most likely to eliminate Roshan, along with the amount of time it will take. It is not an easy bet to tackle, but watching the team’s last time trying to take down the beast will help. 

Follow team rankings, previous fights and more

The good thing about DOTA is that the game is internationally renowned, with tournaments happening all the time. Dubbed the biggest esports tournament in the world, DOTA’s sites let you enjoy some final matches between the top-standing teams. Viewing those fights will give you insight into how the team works together as a unit, how they work together to defeat the enemy, and gives insight into tactics that could be turned into wagers. 

If your eyes are set on a match/battle coming up, watch both teams in action at the DOTA site, were fighting big battles are available. Once you have learned the game strategies, choose your DOTA time and bet away. 

Play betting for DOTA 

If you have never watched a DOTA battle, you should. The vibe, the commentators, the chase, the deaths, the win and the celebrations at the end are a lot to take in but in a good way. As the players fight one another till death does their part, the commentator will advise of all the actions happening on the map; who is in danger? Who is winning? What is the next move? Where did Roshan go? These are all questions we ask ourselves while playing DOTA online or following others’ battles. Accompanying your magical DOTA vibe is in-play betting, where you can bet during the battle. With this form of betting, you would need to be glued to your screen, following every movement and twitch happening on the battlefield. Missing one move could result in losing your bet, so concentration is necessary if you go ahead with in-play betting. 


Big esports DOTA tournaments constantly happen, with many matches available on YouTube or at licensed sportsbook sites. If you have never played DOTA, you are in for a great treat when you enter the game for the first time. Fight, strategize, and bet; this is what DOTA is all about. Betting on it will see your heart skip a beat, but with the right strategy, you will soon be a DOTA champ.