There are many ways to learn Japanese, from using a high-quality book to taking an online course. However, if you want to learn Japanese quickly and effectively, then there are apps that can help. These apps can provide a range of benefits, from helping you master the writing system to providing audio lessons and native-speaker dialogue.


Italki is an app that offers bite-size lessons for a wide range of languages. italki has a great learning system that can help you progress quickly, and there’s plenty of motivation to keep you going with a streak count and achievement badges. 

You can also compete with your friends in leagues and leaderboards. If you’re serious about learning Japanese, it’s important to set up a schedule that allows for consistent daily practice. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of skipping sessions, so it’s best to get in the habit of doing them regularly. italki offers 130+ language courses all over the world. You can find an online Japanese tutor on italki app. This will help you stay on track and ensure that you make the most of your time on the app.  


Memrise is an app that offers a range of courses for different languages. The program uses a spaced repetition system to teach you new vocabulary words. It also helps you practice your listening skills through audio files. One of the best things about Memrise is that it makes learning vocabulary a lot more fun than it might otherwise be. It incorporates game-like elements, stats, points, and other motivational features that can make you want to keep studying for hours on end.

The official courses are very well-organized, making it easy to pick and choose what you need to learn. You can switch between courses if you find the one you’re on too difficult or too easy. There is a good mix of vocab, grammar, and conversation lessons. The apps also have many videos featuring native Japanese speakers discussing real-life topics and scenarios.


JapanesePod101 by Innovative Language is one of the most impressive apps for learning Japanese online. It teaches grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary through podcast-styled audio sessions and flashcards. It also offers a lot of bonus materials. The podcasts range from five minutes to around 20 minutes long and feature conversations with native speakers in Japanese. The hosts introduce the lessons, explain important grammar and vocabulary points and share cultural insights. They’re personable and make a point of keeping things fun and engaging as listeners.

The app also offers an extensive kanji resource, which can be organized by JLPT level, Joyo kanji list and SKIP. It has a large size, which is ideal for studying offline and includes animations to help you memorize the stroke order.

Human Japanese

There are many different ways to learn a language, and there is no one right way to do it. Some people learn best by going to class and interacting with a teacher; others like to mingle with native speakers and study at their own pace. If you want to learn Japanese online, there are some great apps that can help you get started. These are designed to fit into your busy schedule, and they also provide positive reinforcement for learning a new language.

Human Japanese is an app that was lovingly crafted by a small group of people. Unlike some other language resources that feel like games or try to force language acquisition through osmosis, this app is more like a textbook, structured like a book with chapters and lots of text. It comes with a nice mix of reading materials and vocabulary exercises, and it includes well-made quizzes. You can also create a personalized vocabulary list for any new words that you come across, and it offers real-world listening practice in the form of audio clips of native Japanese speakers talking about everyday topics.


If you want to learn Japanese online, Obenkyo is one of the best apps to get started. It offers a range of learning activities, from multiple-choice quizzes to writing exercises. It also has Kanji lists to help you progress in your studies. This app is designed for those who are looking to learn Japanese in a fun, visually-rich way. Its lessons cover the basics of katakana and hiragana, as well as kanji. It also has a comprehensive grammar section with explanations of Japanese particles. You can also practice your hiragana and katakana with flashcards. These cards can include images, audio cues and more to make learning easier.

You can use this app to study on your own or with a friend. It also offers chat rooms to connect with other Japanese language learners. There are even online dictionaries and word games to help you build your vocabulary and improve your skills.

Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese

Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese is a free app that teaches grammar concepts with a unique approach. It focuses on making sense of the language from a Japanese point of view rather than through an English lens like other textbooks. This is a major difference in how language is taught and understood. While it may sound intuitive, it’s incredibly rare to find a foreign language resource that doesn’t teach the language through an anglicized lens.

As a result, many people struggle to make sense of the language and learn to speak it correctly. This guide is designed to help learners develop a solid understanding of the grammatical structure of Japanese and apply it correctly in conversation. However, the book suffers from a serious flaw. It’s too simplistic. It explains many grammatical points in one-to-one translations that don’t really explain the underlying concepts, which makes it difficult for newcomers to grasp.

This means that you’ll need to supplement this guide with other grammar resources to deepen your knowledge. It’s not ideal for advanced learners, but it’s a good starting point if you’re on a budget and looking to get a solid understanding of basic grammar in Japanese. For more in-depth instruction, you’ll need to check out a reputable book or online resource.