What makes a marketing app important for real estate agents? The answer might not be what you think. A marketing app is any mobile application that offers the opportunity to drive rental prospects or homebuyers to the agent’s website. Marketing apps are a powerful way for agents to use their mobile devices and promote themselves, their listings, and their communities.


Facebook has become a powerful marketing tool for agents. Agents that advertise rental properties on Facebook usually place an image of the rental property and a call-to-action button link to the property website. Also, agents should direct mobile users to their personalized page on Facebook. 

This page allows agents to connect with other people, post photos and videos, create a neighborhood or community page, and monitor what others say about the area or neighborhood. Another type of Facebook marketing for agents is creating a Facebook group for their clientele. 

A Facebook group is a private group of people where only agents can join. The group will include photos and videos of the agent’s clients and updates on what they are doing in the area and what they are thinking about buying or renting soon in the future. 


Homes.com is a home search site that lets real estate agents create, edit, and post their listings. The agent can also create brochures and videos promoting their property with the Homes.com system. The agent can also post other content such as blog posts, blog comments, social media updates, and reviews. 

Many other features make Homes.com a beneficial tool for agents; however, the most critical component of this program is generating leads. The agent can use the lead generation tool to create an email of their clientele’s contact information and then send a personalized email promoting their properties to them. 

The agent can promote their listings by including a link to them in the email. This strategy allows the agent to reach much more people than they would have gone if they had only promoted their listing on social media sites like Facebook.


BombBomb is a video marketing tool that allows agents to create a short video highlighting the features and benefits of their property. Several types of videos can be made, including standard videos, slideshows, and animations. The agent can build an email list in BombBomb by asking the user to enter their email address to view the video. 

The video marketing tool is also helpful for agents because they can post these videos on Facebook and share them through Homes.com. When people see a short but powerful video of an agent’s property on social media sites, they are more likely to learn about it and contact the agent about it. Many other features make BombBomb a vital marketing tool; however, the part that makes it truly valuable to agents is the potential for creating and sharing short but powerful videos of their properties with the world.

Real Geeks

Real Geeks is a mobile application that allows agents to create a profile, including an image, name, and contact information. The agent can create a listing for a house for sale, rent, or rental, just by selecting the appropriate function. 

When the agent uploads their listing, generate information in a form including a photo of the home and its MLS number and three videos that could help someone decide if they want to see the house.

The agent can communicate with people who view their listing through Real Geeks. They can see comments posted by users and respond to their comments. They can also see what other agents in the MLS have listed nearby and contact them to ask questions about their listings. Real Geeks is also a platform that allows agents to share information with others interested in the area.

Mailer Lite

Mailer Lite is very similar to the Mailer app and allows agents to create simple postcards. The difference is that Mailer Lite is free and Mailer costs money to use. After creating a free account, the agent can choose one of their properties and upload photos, videos, and information. 

Then, they can decide how many they would like to send out to target demographic groups. The agent can also choose to mail them to an email or an actual physical address. 

The key strength of Mailer Lite is that agents can track the responses they receive and send their mailers to specific real estate shoppers. The Mailer Lite app allows agents to get free leads, but they can also make money by sending postcards with personalized offers depending on how many prospects they receive. 

This app is a marketing tool because it allows agents to reach their target demographic by sending postcards about their listings. Still, it also can help them boost their income by selling ads on postcards. 

Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican is a web application that allows real estate agents to create effective real estate postcards, monitor the effectiveness of the listing, and track the actual responses. The agent can choose from many options when creating a listing, including a calling to action button, an online video, and one photo with a brief description. Then they can put their logo on the front of each postcard. The agent can also add information about the property, such as photos, videos, features, and conditions.

Wise Pelican offers to track of all the outgoing mailers. Some of the notable postcard designs they offer include Automated Valuation Postcards, Market Update postcards, and even recipe postcards. 


During the past few years, real estate agents have used their mobile devices to promote their businesses by creating mobile applications to market themselves, their listings, and communities. Social media and mobile marketing are two growing trends that allow real estate agents to use their mobile devices as a fifth limb in the sales process. 

One of the most profitable ways for agents to use these apps is by creating a promotional video or postcard with personalized offers and sending them out to potential buyers in their target demographic group.