Roulette is one of the most popular and longest gambling games. Invented by the philosopher Pascal, the casino roulette game has been in craze in the casinos around the world since the 1700s. It is a game completely based on luck, but this has not stopped generations of players from developing dozens of tricks for roulette.

In this article, we give indications on the 10 best tricks to win the “queen of the casino”, ten methods that can help fans to have a good strategy. We want to remind you that roulette is a game of luck, and there are no sure ways to win.

The Tricks To Win At Roulette

# 1. Observe The Game

Unlike other casino games, one of the tricks to winning at online roulette games is to observe the dynamics of the game itself while other players place their bets. It might seem trivial, but the results of the ball on roulette can become very useful to get an idea of ​​which moves are more fortunate than others.

For example, if you observe the game for the duration of 10 hands, it will be possible to determine how many times a red, a black, a high, low number came out, how many times a set of numbers came out in particular compared to another or how many times zero is out.

# 2. Bet The Same Amount On Simple Chances Several Times

We know that the wheel is made up of small boxes of 3 colors: red, black and green. Green represents the advantage of the bank. We know that the numbers go from 1 to 36, so roulette has both even and odd numbers. From numbers 1 to 18, the numbers are considered low, from 19 onwards high.

On the green table, we see two diamonds, one red and one black. To bet on red or black the player places his chips on the box of the chosen color. At the French table, all bets are written in French; in this case, the bet is called “Rouge ou Noir” (Red or Black).

Knowing that the roulette numbers are 36, focusing exclusively on the color, the chances of guessing are 50/50 (unless there is a possibility that the ball will stop at 0). In case of winning on each Simple Chance, the payout will be 1: 1 (also called Even Money, that is “equal amount”).

Let’s take an example that can also be useful to understand other types of bets: the player bets $ 10 on the red color, the ball stops on the red. The player is repaid for the amount he wagered plus the value of the same bet. So the value collected will be $ 20 (this means that his real profit is $ 10).

One of the tricks for playing roulette is to play without suffering losses at your house edge, and to win at online roulette games is to stop when the initial budget starts to decrease. However, if there is already a winner on the first bet, it is advisable to try to win by betting the same initial amount a second time, then a third and so on. The important thing, in this case, is to be able to play roulette without losing the value of the initial bet.

# 3. Betting On The Set Of Always New Numbers

There is not much difference in tactics to use when betting on Simple Chance, columns or other types of number sets. However, the type of gain for each of these modes is different. However, research has shown that, after 7 throws, the chances of “new” numbers, that is, not yet released, are increasing.

According to experts, therefore, the advice when betting on a set of numbers is not to bet more than twice on the same set. It is also recommended to stop playing the third consecutive loss. Many say that betting correctly on sets of numbers 1-18 and 19-36 (therefore low or high) is riskier than betting on color, although these bets pay the same way.

# 4. Columns Method (Online Roulette Only)

We state that this technique can be useful but, unlike the previous methods, this works only if you can take notes. As we can imagine, it is not possible to use a sheet, pencil and ruler during a game at the land-based casino.

To try this technique to win at roulette, you must first create a table containing 9 columns and 4 rows, and each box must then be numbered with a progressive number from 1 to 36. At this point, without playing, you must observe the progress of the bets in progress. Each time the ball lands on a number check the box corresponding to that number.

It is proven that there is a good chance of winning if, as soon as one of these columns has 3 check marks (i.e. 3 of 4 numbers have been called), the player bets on the 4 numbers of the column itself. It is also statistically proven that this technique is best applied in the long term, so it is useful to attempt it a total of 9 times. This is believed to be the maximum number of attempts before a win can be made.

# 5. Method Of Zero Among Tricks For Roulette

We know that by winning with a bet on zero, our profit will be 35 times our bet. Not bad, except that the odds of “catching” zero are 1 in 37 (38 if you play American roulette).

So how do you bet on zero while minimizing your losses? A small but beneficial trick can make a bet both feasible and profitable.

The trick is to bet a value on zero and bet twice the value on 2 of the 3 columns shown on the green table. For example, we bet one chip on zero, two chips on the left column, two chips on the column in the center.

This technique allows you to earn small amounts through the numbers that will come out in the columns if zero does not come out. In this way, the player will be able to minimize the losses due to the bets he would make exclusively on zero.

It is advisable to bet on different columns with each hand. It is proven that if a number comes out in a certain column, in the next extraction, there will be much more probability that a number belonging to one of the other two columns will appear.

# 6. Play Roulette Online For Free

Before tackling any type of real money bet, it is really useful, if not almost necessary, to try the game for free so you can learn how to play roulette online. Although it is a game based on luck, it is important to understand its logic and act accordingly. It would also be appropriate to experiment with the various types of games considering that the variants of roulette that online casinos offer each have their own rules.

Although it is not possible to collect real money from winnings, these free versions are identical copies of their homonymous real money games that you can find in the best licensed online casinos.

# 7. Define The Budget

As with any other activity, we practice, defining the budget is essential, whether you decide to play roulette online for real money or decide to play any other online game that involves the use of money. The betting limit is proportionate to the game.

As for live roulette, the limits (minimum and maximum) are indicated both in the dedicated information section and during the game. It is good to know that the Online Casino, unlike the terrestrial one, offers the possibility to bet even very low figures.

# 8. Enjoy The Victory, One Of The Best Online Roulette Tricks

When playing casino roulette like any other casino game, keep in mind that nothing that happens is destined to last over time. Winning many hands in a row is a fortune and must be considered. If the skill plays a small role, especially in the game of roulette is a minimal determining factor.

It is, therefore, good to know how to be lucky and stop trying to win more than we are willing to lose. Playing responsibly means enjoying a victory without pretending that luck is always on your side. In the long run, there is no player luckier than another.

# 9. Choose The Less Favorable Version At The Bench

As already explained, the dealer plays a fundamental role in his favor. In fact, it earns a small percentage on each hand, is represented by zero (37th roulette number) and not being counted in the player’s winnings.

For example, if a player bets on the number 8 and the number 8 is a winner, the lucky one will earn 36 times the bet (35 the bet + the bet itself). The 37th number, the green zero of the bank, is not calculated in the player’s winnings but constitutes a percentage for the bank. In the French and European roulette, we always see only one zero on the wheel, but in the American version, we see zero and double zero instead.

They do the same thing by reducing the player’s chance of winning (1 in 38). It is, therefore, better to play the French roulette, which, in addition to having only one zero, also has the en prison rule (i.e. the possibility for the player to freeze a hand without losing the money wagered).

# 10. Play Real Roulette Money Only In Safe Online Casinos

We will never tire of saying that the only way to play safely is to register only at secure online casinos with a gambling license and you can check information in useful articles like this 1xbet casino review , which is offered in many languages, beforehand. Only in this way can you be sure that the matches are not rigged, that the money invested and that your personal data are used in accordance with the law.

Winning in games of chance cannot be guaranteed, but security is. Once registered in the best online casinos, you can access advantageous bonuses to try out the various games and winnings are paid on time. There are no nasty surprises when legally playing roulette.