It should be clear by now that for your website to survive in this modern era, hacker ridden internet era, it is important for all the information that go on it or through it to be encrypted.

To have a website without SSL protection is extremely dangerous, as these websites are usually easy targets for hackers or skilled people who just want to make the owner of the website have a bad day.

Without a proper backup for a website, it could completely ruin it and potentially cost thousands of dollars in order to rebuild it or bring it back to speed.

If you want to implement an eCommerce system onto your website as-well, gaining the trust of visitors and users to submit their credit card information on the website in order to make a purchase is also extremely important, and without a proper SSL Certificate the chances of them doing that is slim to none as the website is not trustworthy without one.

So how do you protect yourself from these threats? 

This is achieved through the help of SSL certificate, specifically, the Comodo SSL Certificate.

Why Use An SSL Certificate?

The main reason to install an SSL Certificate is to protect the information on your website.

This can lead to bigger trust in the users and viewers of the website as well as gives you a competitive advantage against the competition in search results, as websites with certificate tend to score higher on SEO than websites who don’t have it, or in other words, you have bigger chances on appearing in the first few results on the Google search engine. 

An SSL Certificate encrypts the connection between the server the website is hosted on and the end users. 

By default, all data that transfers between these two is in plain text, making it easy to be read and manipulated by hackers, leading to the theft of personal information through tactics such as Man-in-middle attack. 

By installing an SSL Certificate you’re essentially encrypting all this data and in turn are making it extremely difficult to read and potentially steal.

Why Specifically Buy A Comodo SSL Certificate?

A Comodo SSL Certificate is one of the simplest, fastest and cheapest was to get online protection for your business and protect all the information and transaction data on your website.

This is an essential certificate to have if you are running an eCommerce website. 

Due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, it is the perfect option for small and medium sized businesses as it doesn’t take away much of their budget.


The Comodo SSL Certificate is trusted by millions of users throughout the internet due to its proven effectiveness and efficiency, leading to it being the largest certificate authority. 

Because a lot of internet users have chosen the Comodo SSL Certificate, it is motivated to always be kept up to date with the latest level of protection. The certificate issued by Comodo are trustworthy and can match with the rising online security demand.

Great Customer Care Service

The Comodo SSL Certificate offers amazing customer care service, so if you run through any problems with its installation, maintenance or potential security breaches, the SSL experts are always available to help. 

No more headaches in trying to troubleshoot issues or having to hire third party experts to do the work for you, their support team always has covered you. You will have great assistance in handing installation issue, SSL reissue, private key/CSR generation, etc.


By far the most attractive part of the Comodo SSL Certificate is its price.

It offers many features that other certificates offer, at a fraction of the cost. 

Through their different packages, you have a range of selections starting from the most basic SSL called single domain SSL certificate to the most advanced SSL certificate naming EV SSL certificate, and you can even scale it up to the needs of your website and business, making it the perfect choice for businesses on a budget that want to scale up over time.

By selecting the right certificate within the right price range for your business you can be sure that you have made the right choice and have no regrets long-term. 

Encryption Level

The main reason why you are getting an SSL Certificate in the first place is because of its promised protection.

This is achieved through the process of encrypting the data on your website that is transferred between the server the website is hosted on and the connection that the visitor is connected from. 

The Comodo SSL Certificate has the best protection available by taking advantage of 256-bit encryption.

This in turn protects you from cyber-attacks like MiTM, phishing, data intrusion, etc. the website might have as well as different methods of penetration hackers might implement. 

By having this level of protection implemented on your website, you can have ease of mind that everything that connects and passes through your website is safe and secure. 

Connection Is Secure

A lot of users rely on this message when visiting different websites on the internet, especially websites where they must purchase something.

When you want to purchase something on a website, it asks for your credit card or any payment source of information.

If this information is compromised, the users could potentially lose a lot of money as a result of theft from hackers. 

Having an SSL Certificate ensures that this information is kept safe and raises the trust level of potential visitors as well as confidence that when they purchase something on the website, their information will not be stolen.

With Comodo SSL certificate, visitors will stay assures about the purchase of stuffs and it will also help business to raise their sales up in the long run.


In conclusion, the Comodo SSL Certificate offers everything your website might need in order to function properly and securely.

Starting from the most basic SSL products, to the most advanced level of security, spanning across a single or multiple domain, the Comodo SSL Certificate can travel the distance and ensure that everything is kept safe and secure.

This can also help you rank up higher in search results through the powerful SEO optimization that takes place during its implementation as well as ensuring that the website is trustworthy to potential visitors and clients that might want to purchase something from the website.