How do you make sure that your employees are not using their work device for some other purposes? How do you know that your children fall into the various traps in the world of smartphone apps and the Internet? When you’re a responsible employer or parent, you cannot simply skip these questions’ answers. That’s why remote smartphone monitoring software like FoneMonitor makes sense for most people.

FoneMonitor is a trustworthy, versatile tool for smartphone activity tracking and comprehensive monitoring. Made for both the parent and employer communities, there are some cool features as well. Here, we have a briefer review of the solution as well.

Getting Started

As said, FoneMonitor is a tool that you can use for track phone activities and enable continuous monitoring. From simple phone calls to WhatsApp messages, you will know what happens in the targeted device — via a singular dashboard or the tracking apps for Android and iOS. As far as phone spying goes, FoneMonitor is available for iOS and Android.

Now that you have a clear basic idea, we will check out the other important aspects of FoneMonitor.

Setting Up FoneMonitor Smartphone Monitoring

Compared to many smartphone monitoring programs we have tried, FoneMonitor is the easiest to set up. It needs to be noted that the installation of FoneMonitor does not require rooting/jailbreaking. Of course, you can have additional features on rooted/jailbroken devices. But, if you don’t want to let your kid/employee know that you’re tracking, the non-root functionality helps.

In the case of Android, the installation is pretty easy. Once you have registered for FoneMonitor, you’ll get the APK file for Android. Just install the APK file, fill out the credentials and you’re done. This portion of the installation procedure requires access to the Android device, you know. Wait while FoneMonitor brings the relevant data to servers.

Installation is easier in the iPhone scenario, because you don’t need access to the physical device. Instead, you have to provide the Apple ID credentials to do away with the installation process. Once the syncing gets started, monitoring data would be available via the dashboard.To do this, the device must have iCloud Sync enabled.

We repeat, if you need advanced monitoring/tracking features, rooting or jailbreaking is necessary! Even otherwise, you have an ample set of tracking features.

What Can You Track Using FoneMonitor?

The answer should be long if we list all the features FoneMonitor is offering. So, we will take a quick look at some of the major features worth having.

  • Text Messages: FoneMonitor is the best way to track text messages on iPhone and Android. It works even without rooting/jailbreaking, a great feature. You can even watch the messages in a cool design as well.

  • Call Logs and Contacts are also monitored by FoneMonitor. You can find the entire list of contacts as well as the calls made/received in the device.

  • Internet History and GPS Location: Some of these features are root-only. However, you can track the real-time location of the user via GPS. At the same time, keen algorithms help you understand which sites the user has visited during the period.

  • Tracking Social Media Apps: This is perhaps the most awesome feature in FoneMonitor. You can see what the user is doing with apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter. What’s more, you can even access messages/photos sent via those apps.

  • Keylogger is an awesome FoneMonitor feature when it comes to monitoring Android devices. When you want to spy phone to the core, this feature helps you track down everything the user has typed. It’s an effective way to know the passwords of the user.

  • Complete App Activities are also monitored by FoneMonitor at most times. Of course, this will work with popular apps out there, if not all.

So, these are some features what make FoneMonitor one of the best Android smartphone monitoring tools out there.

Is FoneMonitor Safe?

Yes, FoneMonitor stays completely hidden to the targeted user. They will not know that they are being seen via FoneMonitor dashboard. The same is with iPhone. We’d say it’s better, because you don’t even have to install an app on iPhone for tracking its activities.

The UI

The dashboard of FoneMonitor is intuitive and powerful at the same time. In case you are interested, there’s a fully-fledged FoneMonitor Dashboard Demo you can check out. Thanks to the category-wise layout, it feels really easy to monitor each type of data and analyze the information.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, we wouldn’t think twice before recommending FoneMonitor as the best tool to keep an eye on your children and employees. The features are well-crafted and offer some intuitive result in the end. Compared to the features, the pricing structure — starting at $29.99 per month — seems reasonable as well.