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What’s the catch with Audials Play?

Organize and enjoy your favorite tracks on your PC and take it everywhere you go with your smartphone. Transfer all your content in a wireless process or upload them to your cloud.

Explore different albums and tracks of any artist you like. Listen to their music straightaway via streams that are provided by streaming services or video portals. Add your favorite music with a quick click to your library.

Do not miss the chance to watch all the main English and international TV channels live on your PC! Dozens of music channels are waiting for you too!

Explore over 100,000 radio stations pick out of different genres, languages, or recently played music. Add radio stations that play your favorite music to your favorites, and listen to them on your smartphone or PC. Record whatever tracks you want and grow your music collection.

Let’s get into the features you can use after downloading Audials Play.

Windows PC



Starting with some music.

Search for content on streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, Vimeo, and more all at once!

Find and get new music. Explore, organize import-export the songs in your collection.

Get a clear overview of all your music libraries, the larger ones included. Arrange your content according to genre, artists, or albums.

Power-Search function to find whatever you are looking for.

Check out suggested playlists and charts as inspiration or to keep up updated.

Choose between different genres. Find out what Oldies are suggested.

Organizing and tagging hundreds of thousands of tracks has never been easier: you can automatically rename all your music and save your tracks to different folders.

You can also save your music to Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and other cloud storages to play your music wherever you are.

Travel across the globe with the radio feature.

Audials offers over 100,000 radio stations to choose from. Explore genres, countries, and stations near to you, and get station recommendations too!

Find out about what is currently being played and whether the station plays adverts. Filter according to streaming quality.

Archive perfect radio recordings.

You can also have multiple recordings start at once in parallel on different stations. You are one step further to have the perfect music collection. Use the equalizer to amplify the bass or volume so that all saved tracks in your playlist are alike.

If you just missed a song that you’d like to record, don’t worry, we got you! Audials provides a timeline of all the songs you listened to on a radio station and will save them to your PC if you would like.

Discover different topics opinions, lifehacks by following podcasts from all over the world.

Save episodes, mark specific ones as favorites to keep track of them.

Or subscribe, that episodes are automatically downloaded.

Pursue hundreds of Live TV and music channels from all around the world, including all the major TV channels.

Choose between full-screen mode or on a smaller window.

Add your favorite channels to your list of favorites, enabling you to watch them whenever you wish in just a click.

Audials Play is a must-have app for your smartphone.

Take your favorite radio stations and podcasts everywhere with you! You can also record or download music wirelessly from your PC.

Transfer music wirelessly from your PC by simply install the free Audials Play on your PC and you will see all the music from the PC in your app, and you can download it wirelessly to your smartphone.

Thanks to full Android Auto compatibility, you will never be bored while driving. Listen to all the radios and podcasts while you are in the car!

If your car does not support this, no problem: The car mode allows you to operate the app ideally while driving.

And best of all: the app is free and ad-free!

Listen to radios all around the world.

Discover over 100,000 radio stations by genre, country, type of music played, stream quality. Avoid stations that play commercials frequently. Create favorites lists by adding stations to them. Favor artists to get fantastic new station suggestions!

Endless selection of podcasts

Over 300,000 podcasts with millions of episodes offer the best entertainment. Regardless of whether you are interested in science, comedy, or political topics – you will. Save and download episodes to enjoy them offline.

Free Entertainment with the Audials Play for iPhone™ and iPad™

Find the perfect fit for the best radio stations by entering the desired artist, genre, language, country Overall, the radio stations available in Audials Radio comprise ten thousand of the best international Radio stations, such as BBC Radio 2, KSFO, and many more.

You can find, listen to, and record radio stations according to genre, country, or currently played artist. In addition to the favorites function, you can also “pin” genres and artists.

Thousands of Podcasts with hundreds of thousands of episodes are waiting for you. Find your favorite podcasts easily with a full-text-search and playback the episodes just in place without downloading.