Today, your phone is your whole world. From travel videos shot by friends to work documents sent by your boss, everything arrives on your phone. While you can use solutions like Web WhatsApp, it is not always convenient. 

Enter screen mirroring which solves all your problems. All the amazing images and videos that you took on your iPhone can be replicated on a larger screen (your TV) using a screen mirroring app. Work meetings can be concluded faster with such a service. It is a necessity in the times we live in. 

Is DoCast What You Are Looking For?

DoCast is a screen mirroring solution that is available as an application in the App Store. Using the DoCast: Cast to Chromecast TV, you can do two major acts – stream photos and videos directly from your library to a device of your choice and mirror the screen of your iPhone or iPad to TV sets that are compatible with Chromecast. You can also use DoCast to stream music to Chromecast. 

How Does DoCast Work? 

The DoCast app is extremely simple to use. There is only one step that you need to take. Connect the two devices – your iPhone and the device you want to display your screen – to the same WiFi network. 

There is a small caveat here. The second device can be a Chromecast-enabled TV or audio receiver or Chromecast itself. 

Once you have achieved that, all you need to do is open the DoCast app on your iPhone and follow the steps on the screen. Within a few seconds, you will have done what you set out to do. 

What Can I Achieve Using DoCast?

So you have connected the two devices to the same WiFi network. What do you do now? In this section, we tell you about the different services provided by DoCast. So let’s get started. 

  1. Screen Mirror your iPhone/iPad to TV – For all Apple users who have always lamented that there is no genuine app that lets you achieve screen mirror, DoCast is the answer. 

  2. Streaming Videos from iPhone to TV – Screen mirroring is not where DoCast stops. It allows you to seamlessly stream videos from iPhone to TV without any buffering.

  3. Connect with Chromecast and enjoy your favorite photos on the big screen – At the individual level, people use DoCast to share their amazing memories with their friends and family. At the enterprise level, it can be used in startups for faster decision-making.

  4. Chromecast music from iPhone – With DoCast, you can enjoy music like never before by casting music files wirelessly to Chromecast-enabled speakers and TVs.  

Stream Music/Photos/Videos from iPhone/iPad Seamlessly

At the heart of any device like DoCast is the question – Will it be compatible with devices from Apple? This is because the Apple ecosystem is essentially a closed one and frowns upon outside applications.

With DoCast, this worry goes right outside the window. DoCast is available as an official application on the App Store, making it a reliable service and a must-have for iPhone and iPad users. 

Moreover, screen mirroring apps often face issues with different versions of Chromecast. But in the case of DoCast, you do not need to worry since it works with Google Cast as well as different updates of Chromecast.  

In terms of television brands, it is compatible with all the top brands like Sharp, Philips, Toshiba, Sony, and so on.  

What Sets DoCast Apart?

While there are tons of screen mirroring, DoCast is certainly a class apart. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. The fact that DoCast is available as an official application on the Apple store makes it genuine. The service offered is what has been demanded by Apple users for a long time. 
  2. The app is extremely simple to use. A few steps get the task done. 
  3. When it comes to using DoCast to cast photos, there are no restrictions on time or number of photos. 
  4. The screen mirroring function of DoCast ensures that the user is in control. You can change not just screen rotation settings but also select the desired video quality. One can always turn the sound on or off. 

Pricing and Plans 

First things first. Both free as well as trial versions of DoCast are available for your use. 

Obviously, there are certain restrictions in the free version like:

  1. Screen mirroring and music streaming are restricted to only 15 minutes. 
  2. Video casting is allowed but subject to a maximum limit of 3 minutes. 

Do the above restrictions convince you to opt for a premium plan? If yes, you can find the details below:

  1. The lifetime plan with a single payment of $19.99 does not require you to renew ever again. 
  2. The yearly plan is available at $14.99 per year.
  3. The monthly plan comes at a cost of $3.99 per month.

DoCast – Frequently Asked Questions

Since it is a new offering, we are sure that your mind is buzzing with a lot of questions. In this section, we try to answer a few of them for you. 

Which devices does DoCast work with?

DoCast is available as an application for iPad and iPhone users.

Which are the languages supported by DoCast?

Presently, DoCast supports not only English but German, French, and Spanish too. Considering the value it provides, it is only a matter of time before it is available in more languages. 

What is the user base of DoCast?

The utility of DoCast is relevant for both individuals as well as organizations. While mid and large-sized firms may be quick to adopt DoCast, even small firms will find it affordable and helpful. 

Who do I contact if I am facing an issue with the app?

The support team of DoCast is available to help you during business hours. 

Closing Thoughts 

DoCast is innovative at its best. A simple app that helps you achieve a simple but important task, DoCast is priced reasonably. Apple users finally have an app that lets them do what Android users have been doing for years. 

Have you been using unofficial apps to mirror your screen with harmful consequences? Will you try using DoCast with your iPhone/iPad? We will be waiting for your comments on this post!