When it comes to investing money, we should always be cautious about what platforms we use. The internet is swarming with dodgy websites and people trying to strip you of your savings. So when it comes to picking a crypto exchange, one should always be careful where they register. We came up with the ultimate list to help you find the most trusty crypto exchanges for UK traders. You are going to find five options that have proven their reliability. Let’s introduce you to these platforms and their top features.

Our Roundup – The 5 Best Crypto Exchanges in the UK

Cryptocurrency exchanges are online markets where users may buy, sell and trade crypto. They often provide users with a digital hot wallet to store the crypto they have bought. Of course, not all sites offer this option, so you might need to look for a wallet to complete your purchase. Worry not, we’ll make sure to help with that as well. For now, check out the leading crypto trading platforms in the UK below:

Binance UK – The Crypto Exchange With the Most Active Traders

  • Built-in wallet: Yes
  • Transaction fees: Lower than 0.10%
  • Type of exchange: Centralised

Binance UK is a branch of the world-renowned Binance exchange. Binance UK provides a seamless trading experience for new and seasoned traders because of its user-friendly interface and wide choice of assets. The exchange offers comprehensive trading tools, making it a popular alternative for individuals looking to successfully navigate the crypto market.

With over 150 million registered users, it is the most popular crypto exchange to date. To further its reputation, the exchange also offers a jaw-dropping range of digital currencies, with 350+ listed on its website. Binance also offers the option for staking and earning daily rewards if you decide to keep your investment long-term.

Coinbase – The Best Beginner-Friendly Crypto Exchange

  • Built-in crypto wallet: Yes
  • Transaction fees: Less than 0.6%
  • Type of exchange: Centralised

Are you looking for the best crypto exchange for newbies? Excellent. Then you will love Coinbase. They have an incredible educational program that rewards you with real crypto as you learn more about popular coins. 

Moreover, Coinbase also features an entire section with blog posts that can help you expand your knowledge of the crypto market. You can also explore their tips and tutorials section, where you can learn how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in the smartest way possible.

Cryptocurrency exchanges like this one are rare to come across these days – not many are willing to tailor to beginners. Of course, if you already have experience, you are also welcome on the platform. 

You can enjoy more advanced features, like TradingView charts, staking, and custom drawing tools. Coinbase is an excellent crypto exchange to keep any digital assets, including NFTs. So, it’s a great place to start if you want to do something more than just buy crypto.

eToro – The Most Trusted Crypto Exchange

  • Built-in wallet: Yes
  • Transaction fees: 1%
  • Type of exchange: Centralised

eToro is a little different from the two other sites we recommend. It enables members to utilize their unique social trading feature. Specifically, as an eToro user, you can mimic the trading strategies of other members. This is called “copy trading,” and it’s an amazing way to learn from some of the dominant figures in the crypto space.

Additionally, you can join eToro and seek the help of their competent brokers, who can assist with providing trading advice. The website also goes out of its way to suggest different portfolio types to complement your trading style. That way, you can browse various ideas for your unique portfolio and tailor them to your long-term or short-term strategy.

Quantum Prime Profit – The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Alternative

  • In-built wallet: No
  • Transaction fees: None
  • Type of exchange: Brokerage-Matching Platform

Are you not a big fan of crypto exchanges? If you want to buy and sell digital currencies at a different type of trading platform, have you considered a crypto-matching platform? Quantum Prime Profit allows users to pair with a crypto broker who can assist them on their crypto trading journey.

Not only can you utilize your brokers’ excellent trading tools, but you can also work together to develop the most ideal plan for your investment. It’s an excellent option for those of you new to cryptocurrency trading. Your broker can act as your personal customer support assistant, helping you round-the-clock.

According to Quantum Prime Profit, all their brokers are equipped with both popular and emerging crypto assets, so you can trade Bitcoin, NFTs, altcoins, and tokens to your desire. Moreover, if you choose to expand your portfolio and trade something other than digital assets, you can browse their list of stocks, commodities, and FX pairs.

Bitstamp – The Crypto Exchange with Low Trading Fees

  • In-built wallet: Yes
  • Transaction fees: Less than 0.080%
  • Type of exchange: Centralised

Bitstamp is one of the first crypto exchanges to enter the market. They started their business in 2011, not long after the release of the first crypto asset. As one of the oldest exchanges, Bitstamp has long been a leader in the cryptocurrency industry. Thanks to its emphasis on reliability, safety, and legal compliance, it has a devoted user base. Moreover, the site’s user-friendly design makes it an appealing choice for individuals new to the crypto space.

This crypto exchange surpasses competitors with its expert trading tools. Bitstamp largely tailors to seasoned and pro investors. Here, you have the opportunity to create your own interface with the help of Bitstamps’ advanced APIs. Moreover, those who need to stay on top of market changes can utilize their real-time data streaming. If you’re looking to go pro, Bitstamp’s the way to go.

How To Buy Crypto at an Exchange

Now that you are familiar with our selection of the best crypto exchanges in the UK, we want to give you a brief glimpse at the purchasing process. If you want to tag along and follow the steps, feel free!

Step #1 – Register an Account

Start by setting up an account at one of the crypto exchanges mentioned above. If you’d rather choose a brokerage service, go ahead. First, fill out the registration form and provide the necessary information. Some websites might require that you add your phone number, too.

Step #2 – Verify Your Profile

Verification processes vary from site to site, but typically, you need to prove that you are a real person and not a spam bot trying to access the website. You might receive an SMS message with a unique code that you will have to put through on the crypto exchange. Alternatively, a broker or customer representative might give you a call to verify your details. Or you might have to confirm your account through an email. This step is required so that crypto exchanges can also minimize money laundering risks.

Step #3 – Turn on Additional Security Measures

Next, it is extremely important that you protect your assets, so make sure that you switch on all available security features. If the platform offers two-factor authentication, turn it on! It’s essential to keep your digital funds and personal data safe.

Step #4 – Fund Your Account

If you have finished setting up your profile, it’s time to add some money so you can buy crypto. Most sites also have trading fees, which get calculated at checkout, so ensure you have enough in your bank account to cover those. Read the platform’s terms of use to ensure you are aware of any minimum purchases you need to make.

Step #5 – Buy Cryptocurrency

Now that your cryptocurrency exchange account is set up and you have added funds, you may begin to trade crypto! Make sure to work with your broker to come up with the correct trading strategy and buy assets that resonate with it. 

If you aren’t working with a broker, ensure that you spend plenty of time researching various coins and tokens. Once you have your eyes set on them, exchange your fiat money for digital currencies.

Step #6 – Store Your Crypto

During checkout, you’ll need to specify where you want your crypto sent. If you pick one of the cryptocurrency exchanges we recommend, they all come with built-in crypto wallets. However, if you choose to work with a broker, they can help you pick out a nice wallet that will secure your holdings.

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Final Thoughts

The UK’s crypto space is developing fast, especially after PM Rishi Sunak voiced his support for the sector. It’s important for traders to pick a reliable and secure crypto exchange for their trades. Our sites come with low trading fees and are tailored to individuals with all kinds of experience. 

We hope you managed to find a platform to suit your taste! Remember to keep yourself informed, place security first, and feel comfortable starting your digital investment journey. We wish you good luck!