With the number of cyberattacks rising exponentially, it’s high time to tackle them with equally opposite force. AI and ML help us understand the pattern and threats beforehand by analyzing tons of events in the online world.

However, before diving deep into the security aspect, we must know the basics of both terminologies. Let us have a quick look into them.

In a nutshell: ML & AI

Machine Learning

ML is a subset of AI which works on learning new things from a set of available data. In simple words, an intelligent program that learns and evolves itself from the events and data present around it automatically.

The technology feeds on data analyzing and manipulation to reach the maximum accuracy in it. The prime aim is to perform the task with full efficiency and learn from it.

ML revolves around two types of algorithms to learn new things. Let’s give a quick look into them.


Here the machine is provided with input data. It has to predict and analyze all the relations between the data itself.


In this type of algorithm, a set of parameters with input data is fed to the machine to compare and evolve.

Artificial Intelligence

The technology revolves around mimicking an actual human brain. In simple layman’s words, AI allows the machine to perform human tasks with more efficiency by elevating the chance of success. A computer program that is intelligent and capable of performing human interactions.

AI always aims to find the best or optimal solution to tackle the problem. It involves decision making, deep learning and machine learning. It is basically a superset of all these technologies.

The smart program is set with a basic knowledge on a topic with which it learns new things, starts interacting with the real-life events going around, and finally becomes self-aware.

Now with basic knowledge of both technologies, let us see how both impact cybersecurity.

ML and AI in cybersecurity

Both the technologies help predict the pattern between real-life incidents to warn about upcoming security threats. AI aims to boost the present solutions to counter the evolving cyber attacks by finding smart and secure ways to tackle them, while Ml aims to evolve from the attack.

How AI and ML work together to help with cyber attacks?

AI being the parent of Machine learning and Deep learning, it incorporates both technologies to tackle the evolving cyberattacks. Let us get into the details of the working of AI and ML in cybersecurity.


The AI program aims to learn new things from a huge amount of data present in the online world, either structured or unstructured. With the help of Ml, the program is able to classify between the sets of data. First, it starts grouping them with respect to their pattern, which involves certain anomalies, similarities, and other aspects.

It starts learning new things about the attack and analyzes the risk associated with it. The program learns from past incidents, ongoing events, and input fed to tit.


With learning different things about the attack, the program applies generative frameworks to tackle the attack. It understands the relationship between the events and elements like the malware files, suspicious IP addresses, and presents a counter-attack against them in a matter of seconds.


By learning everything from the data and attack, the program devises a countermeasure against it and is all set to deploy it. Moreover, it forecasts different predictions by the ongoing and past events for possible future attacks.

With the high speed of processing and forming a counter-strategy, the security analyst gets a cutting edge over the hacker.

Future of AI and ML in cybersecurity

With cyberattacks evolving day by day, you need a proper guard to understand the attack and act against it dynamically. You need to arm your security analyst with AI and ML-powered programs to protect your privacy and data.

However, businesses and corporations dealing with the technologies must understand that the programs are as good as the fed input.

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