In this digital era, when it comes to increasing sales and growing a business, there are many factors that shape the purchasing will of the customers. Among those factors, customer reviews are one of the influential factors that can encourage or discourage customers from making a purchase.

Reviews provide insights about a business, and when you are planning to rank your business on Google My Business, you need to emphasize the importance of generated reviews.

If you are familiar with the impact of Google reviews on a business’s reputation and want to get more of them, here are some smart and solid strategies to help you.

Identify the Process 

To get Google reviews from your customers effectively, you have to introduce them to the process. It is easy to navigate but takes some time.

First, your customer has to go to Google and open Google Maps. Second, they have to search for your business and find your business profile. After this, they can dive into the review section to click and write the review.

To encourage your customers to participate in the process, you can tell them the value and introduce them to the process.

Generate a Google Review Link Shortcut 

Instead of explaining to your customers about the time-consuming process of leaving reviews online, you can make the job easy for them by creating a shortcut link that will take them directly to the review section.

If you haven’t generated a shortcut for your Google review link, you can learn how to generate and share a Google reviews link using Podium to build ease for your customers. You can shorten the link there so that you can place it on your website.

Tie Your Google Review Page from the Website 

Even if you are considering the above methods, there is another way to escalate more reviews through a dedicated full page to Google reviews. This will be easier to access with your main navigation menu.

The page can display the existing reviews along with the facility to write new reviews. This will work as a great Local SEO strategy to improve the ranking of your website and GMB profile.

Create a Review Card 

Along with digital ways, there are some offline ways to get more Google reviews for your business. You can design a card that will create warm gestures for your customers and allow them to respond to your services in the form of Google reviews.

You can leave a transparent comment such as “review us on Google review, as it will help others to find our services in times of need. Your feedback is appreciated as it will allow us to bring the best for you.”

Educate Your Customer about the Process 

You might think that leaving a review on Google review is an easy and simple process, but your customer can find it challenging.

You can educate your customers that they can rate your business even if they have no review to write, or if they have something to write, make it a short statement for your ease.