Creating a movie website with WordPress may sound like something less familiar, but it’s worth trying! More than 835 Million websites have been created on WordPress as of 2023. It includes almost every niche, including eCommerce, blogs, personal web pages, portfolios, and non-profit websites. 

If you are looking to create a movie website with WordPress as a beginner, you must be applauded for your decisive skills. WordPress allows plugins, customizable themes, a user-friendly interface, media-management tools, and SEO readiness. 

Start shortlisting the best works online, and use them as references. Know precisely what you want, and understand your target audience. Let’s see what’s it all about!

Pick The Suitable Domain Name and Hosting Plan

The domain name demonstrates the online identity of your business. It must be;

  • Easy to memorize
  • Intuitive
  • Catchy
  • Aligns with your brand niche
  • Sounds captivating
  • Short

 What else can you do? Try adding the keyword to your domain name and see how the result flies. It further assists in offline promotion and enhances credibility and trust – Heavily influential.

Having so many options in the market, it feels confusing to settle on an accurate hosting plan. Here are some determining factors to consider;

  • Server reliability: Your web host provider should be stable enough to help with specifically tough conditions. How to check that? Go and look at their uptime scores.  
  • Good backup policy: A good-going business cannot afford to lose significant information. Hence it’s primarily imperative to select a web hosting plan with a robust backup policy. 
  • Fast server responsiveness: Customers love to navigate a fast-moving website, so ensure to choose the hosting plan that promotes responsiveness. It helps in SEO rankings too!
  • Basic Essential Features: A dependable web hosting plan must include the following features;
  • FTP/SFTP Access
  • One-click Installer
  • .htaccess File Access
  • Expertise to upgrade: Try choosing a web hosting provider that allows you to timely upgrade your services so that you can benefit from the upcoming features. 

Select The Appropriate Theme

A movie review or streaming website – whatever you want to make, be specific and highly selective with your theme. It’s an entertainment-based website, but that doesn’t mean you must use lots of colors, be informal, or add a lot of white space. 

You are completely independent to make it as you want. 

WordPress gives you some ready-made templates to start building your website, reducing the requirements to code. These themes differ as per the niche but have some built-in features. Go for the free ones or get yourself a premium one – all according to your wish. 

The pre-research work is highly recommended. Select the one possessing features your brand desires. What exactly do you need to consider while picking up the themes? Here you go!

  • Social Media Options

Social media is used by over 75% (13+ years) of the world’s population, and integrating it with your website enables your customers to share content across multiple platforms. It will ultimately add to your social presence, acquiring more audience. 

  • Captivating Appearance

94% of first impressions are related to your website’s design, and a lousy design impacts the leads, undoubtedly. An aesthetically pleasing website attracts and captivates. Using themes and designs matching niche and attractive to your customers seems challenging. It is! 

  • Translation Ready

Break the language barrier on your movie website, and make your platform stand out by choosing the translation-ready theme. The most significant advantage is, of course, anyone can access the content and your website from any region of the world. 

  • Mobile Responsive

Mobile devices direct 55% of the website traffic, and the statistic will only increase! Google prefers websites that are mobile-friendly too. The website design and content should be altered according to the mobile screens to fit in perfectly. 

  • Search Engine Optimised

Imagine creating a classic movie website, but no traffic is coming in; no one knows you exist. That is no less than a nightmare. The solution is choosing the search-engine-optimized theme. It will help you to get good rankings in SERPs. 

6 Best WordPress Movie Themes

We have covered all the fundamental aspects of creating a movie website; let’s explore some popular WordPress themes in the market possessing exceptional features. 

1. Cinerama

A perfect choice for movie buffs! 

Considered one of the most popular themes, it lets you create clean and elegant websites. With its attractive layout, it has responsiveness to any screen size. Its pre-designed home pages include inner pages to present movies effortlessly. 

What adds to its specificness? The Cinerama theme supports multiple languages and significant plugins, including WooCommerce. It also allows you to customize with numerous widget options and various shortcodes. 

  • Offers 800+ Google fonts.
  • Allows one-click demo import.
  • Has a massive shortcode collection.
  • 3 header types are available.
  • Comes with social share functionality.

2. Jupiter

Though the theme can be used for any niche, it can be a smart decision for a movie website. The theme is SEO-optimised with plenty of customization options and lets you alter;

  1. Blogs
  2. Pages
  3. Custom post archives

And much more!

Supporting custom visual editors, footers, and headers, Jupiter runs seamlessly with WooCommerce and other plugins. 

Recently, a new feature has been introduced – Shop Customiser. It allows you to customize all aspects of your online store. 

The theme comes with over 300 templates that are premade. What can’t we miss? The tutorial videos and articles help you out with everything in case you get stuck somewhere. 

  • Comes with RTL support
  • Lightweight
  • Seo-optimized
  • The codes are highly optimized.
  • Supports Adobe and Google fonts.

3. Formota

Formota is an equipped-to-proceed option for creating a website for;

  1. Corporations
  2. Creative agencies
  3. Studios
  4. Or your personal use.

Formota is a widely accepted and recognized tool for making a movie website. You can easily import different files from Vimeo and Youtube using this theme. 

It also enables you to install a ready-made website in a single click with the demo sites, letting you choose from 12+ homepages.

Adding to the variety, there are;

  1. 6 header styles
  2. 4 blog page styles
  3. 4 premade footer styles

The Jupiter theme is Retina-ready — making it perfect to view on screens without stressing the eyes.

  • Compatible with plugins, including WooCommerce and Contact Form 7.
  • Offers 600+ Google fonts.
  • SEO and speed optimized
  • Allows a single-click installation 

4. AmyMovie

Create a movie website using a WordPress theme without WordPress. It offers advanced features, an easy-to-navigate user interface, and pleasant designs. 

You can import movie data from various movie websites, including TMDb and IMDb. 

The layouts and designs are praiseworthy. The AmyMovie theme has 5 premade homepage options, shortcodes, and additional widgets. 

Its most impressive feature is – Showtime Action — which is powerful. 

The AmyMovie thyme extends its support to;

  1. Social network integration
  2. Google fonts
  3. Color customization
  • Offers typography support
  • Comes with intuitive sidebars and widgets.
  • Has Masonry Layout, List, and Grid.
  • 3 header styles, 10 footer styles, and 3 layouts for blogs. 

5. NewsTube

Are you looking to create a website where you can write news and put movie trailers? NewsTube is the answer. 

Working perfectly with browsers like Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, NewsTube is compatible with WordPress 4.3+ and Visual Composer 4.7.4.

The theme fits impeccably with content-based websites. Embedded with the older and latest features, this theme is an ideal-modern solution.

There are limitless possibilities with colors and layouts. For demos, there are more than 5 videos, blogs, and magazines. 

Moreover, there are;

  • 5 article layouts
  • 9 header sidebars
  • 7 navigation layouts
  • 3 video layouts
  • 7 blog layouts

It allows you to import the data fastly. 

  • Retina-ready
  • Google Adsense optimized
  • Comes with integrated shortcodes, Google Fonts, and a rating plugin.

6. SilverScreen

The classic one – is suitable for production companies and movie makers. 

The theme is feature-packed and comes with a simple yet outstanding design. You can present your content as it has a very easy-to-use interface, regardless of your background (whether you are a techie or not).

It lets you create very distinct pages and adds value to your designs. 

  • 5 header types
  • 3 side area types
  • 800+ Google fonts
  • Simple-to-use and powerful
  • Comes with social icons widget
  • Has inner pages and additional home pages.

Customize Your Chosen Theme

Well! Anyone can use the above-mentioned themes, but you can make yours outstanding with this very crucial step — customization. Connecting with WordPress web development services will make your task easy. Find a company that has expertise and supports after-development stages. It sets your website apart from similar movie websites. 

Own your website by adding unique elements. The small tweaks and adjustments make it personalized for the user’s experience. Furthermore, you can add colors, shapes, and sizes in elements and craft the website as per your brand’s vision empowering your business.

Monetize to Make Money

When you’re done with making a movie website, there’s nothing wrong with expecting some bucks out of that. But you need to be extremely patient! 

Various ways to make money with your website include charging for displaying an advertisement on your portal and featuring some videos on the banner. 

You can also create some courses in your niche to make money or promote sponsored content. 

Maintenance and Optimization

You cannot sit back and watch after making your movie website! Even after your portal is up and running, you need to be consistent and conduct regular checks. Checking the user’s authenticity is necessary if your website allows them to upload something.

Ensure to follow the most suitable practices for optimizing your web pages to gain continuous traffic.  Additionally, keep a check on your website’s safety. 


We have summarised everything you need to create a movie website with WordPress as a beginner. The first step to creating a making a website is choosing the right suitable domain name and hosting plan. 

You can use any of the themes mentioned in the blog or choose on your own, but make sure to customize it accordingly. Keep your focus on factors like social media integration, translation readiness, and captivating designs, and monetize it later and make money.