Inventory Management Software works well for keeping track of the goods or items moving in and out of the business’ location(s). It virtually takes care of the whole thing, starting from production, warehousing, shipping and delivery, and retail; it helps to track every activity of the stock.

An EMERGE App is a fully-functional and a well-designed inventory management software present you with the up-to-date details on what is in inventory, where it is located, the amount that can be sold, and the time the stocks will last. This information aids in ruling out the probability of overstocking and stock outs which could seriously hamper a company’s sales cycle and profitability.

Awesome Features of an EMERGE App

  • Reorder Point

EMERGE App provides you with a list of products together with their quantities that are needed for stock. These points have been programmed into the application that alerts the manager about re-ordering the item. This stops the absence or unavailability of stocks and also the concern of overstocking.

  • Asset Tracking

This is another feature that allows you to monitor the goods present in the store or warehouse via its barcode or serial number.

  • Product Listing

This EMERGE App feature lets you organize and streamline your stock with the aid of important details like availability, cost, etc. It means that you can create options for every product according to their basic attributes and have them in a systematized way.

This will let you track the products through their barcodes. This easy exchange of electronic data can even be carried out through smartphones, cutting out the need to purchase costly scanning device.

  • Reporting Tools

There are heaps of different reporting tools that really help in developing inventory total reports, transaction reports and order history. These features enable you to develop a sleek workflow by knowing about your items in stock, what all has to be re-ordered, which items are profitable and a lot more.

Benefits of Using an EMERGE App

  • Centralized Storage

In case you have your goods or items stored at numerous locations, it is complicated to manage purchases and send the right items to the right buyers. This simple and effective App can help you monitor the availability of different goods and keep the consumers updated about the situation of their shipment.

  • Well-organized Inventory Operations

An EMERGE App enables you to keep a complete track of all items in inventory. This saves effort and time as you do not have to rush to the warehouse to find out the availability of any item if its need arises.

  • Enhances Sales Productivity

By always keeping an entire track of all stocks, it is possible to prevent losing your buyers and reduce the possibility of making usual human reporting errors such as incorrect counting of items. In addition, with an EMERGE App, it is easy to meet the delivery timelines. The buyers would not have to wait around for ages for their shipment to come. They can simply track their products and know the exact day of the product’s arrival.

  • Realigned Order Frequency

If an insufficient stock is unappealing for your business, overstocking is a whole lot worse. With EMERGE App, you can monitor your actual stock supplies and re-order when needed. This will get rid of the wastage of items which will lead to huge amounts of money losses.

  • Happy Customers

With timely delivery, accurate responses, and tailored services, your audience are definitely going to be pleased. They will be in a position to track the status of their goods and will not face the possibility of a late notice of item unavailability.

  • Accurate Preparation and Forecasting

EMERGE App lets you plan for the future. You could possibly keep a close check on the inventory of all items and manage and re-order them appropriately. Also, it features analytical tools that help in tracking trends, opportunities and let you measure your productivity and sales.

  • Better financial decisions

Properly tracking your products using EMERGE App will let you work out useful financial indicators, for instance, your contribution margin ratio. This places you in a position to come up with better decisions based on data regarding your products, income, earnings, revenue, and outstanding balances.

  • Increase stock levels

EMERGE App helps to control the number of items in your inventory. Features, like automated ordering, ensure that goods will be available when your customers need them.