The most confusing question for travel enthusiasts or vloggers is, which would be the best camera backpack? 

There are many options available for DSLR Camera Backpack- Roller bags, anti-theft bags, lightweight backpacks, and more. 

But the real question is, which bag would be the perfect fit for you?

To save you some hustle of choosing a camera bag, here is a huge list of the camera backpacks, sling bags, and hiking packs. 

We have come up with a list of camera backpacks for emergencies like an airway trip, hiking, day-to-day work, and even road trips for vloggers.

Holding the above points, let us dig into a list of best camera bags. 

5 Best Camera Backpacks for Travelers and Vloggers

Peak Design Backpack

Peak Design is a perfect and popular backpack for traveling and hiking. The bag comes in 20L and 30L versions.

Peak Design is a DSLR Camera Backpack that can hold multiple camera lenses and 15” laptops and cables. 

The zip closure and comfortable magnetic strap-holds make the bag suitable for everyday use and backpacking trips. Peak Design backpack is now available in version 2. 

The current price of the bag is $259.95 

WANDRD Prvke Backpack 31

You will fall in love with the design of the WANDRD Prvke backpack. It comes in 21L and 31L version with three subtle colors. You can store a 16” laptop, a tab, in the back sleeve. 

The central removable camera cube is an organized and protective cover for your camera and lenses. Apart from equipment, the bag leaves enough space for clothes and food items for your trips. WANDRD Prvke series is the best camera backpack for hiking. 

You can carry the bag for everyday work as well. The Photography bundle of a bag is available for $274 to $309. 

 MindShift BackLight

MindShift BackLight is the best camera backpack for travel and road trips. It’s available in 27L and 36L versions. The bag has a back panel with a zip closure for quick access of camera and lenses, hence the name BackLight. 

The bag can hold a laptop, 2 camera bodies, 6 lenses, and spare batteries. You can stuff the bag and still get enough space for food and clothes. Bag straps are comfortable and adjustable with a waist belt. 

When you want to capture photos and videos, you can wear the bag on the front body side. The waist belt will hold the bag, and you can access the back panel for the camera lenses. 

MindShift BackLight is available for $249.99

LowePro ProTactic 450 AW II

LowePro ProTactic is a professional camera bag for travelers and vlogger. It has a back panel that keeps all your camera equipment and laptop safe from theft. 

The four access points of the bag make it handy to grab gear from the top, back, and two side zippers. 

The LowePro ProTactic 450 AW II can hold 2 pro DSLR, one or two lenses, a laptop, separate pouches for cables, and batteries. 

Current Price of this bag is $175.00

Think Tank Airport Roller

Think Tank is a long-distance travel camera bag with wheels that slide in three ways. The bag has plenty of room to store your DSLR camera, lenses, batteries, 15” laptop, and even a tripod stand at the side compartment. 

You can comfortably carry the roller bag for airway travels. The bag skates smoothly on the floor, so you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying a load on your shoulders. 

Think Tank roller is available for $399. 

Final Verdict: 

Based on your requirements and budget, you can choose any of the above camera backpacks. Prefer smaller bags for your everyday work. But if you are traveling, then a larger volume bag would be more comfortable.