Art has always been a human endeavor. This is no longer true. 

Like in other fields such as writing, Artificial intelligence (AI) has made inroads into this aspect of our lives too. 

While its comparison with human-created art in terms of originality and creativity will always remain a question, more and more artists as well as businesses are adapting to the use of AI. 

What is the concept of AI-Generated Art?

In order to understand this, you need to first understand what is a prompt.

To get any work done through AI, you need to master the art of giving accurate prompts. As the name suggests, a prompt is nothing but a clear instruction to the AI bot or software to do something. 

In the case of AI-Generated art, the prompt will most likely be in the form of words or sentences. The more detailed your prompt, the better will be the quality of artwork generated by AI. 

For instance, if you need some artwork around pumpkins for Halloween, then your prompt needs to be something like this – “I need artwork that features a semi-dark location with multiple pumpkins as they are used for Halloween and they need to look scary.”

Looks Interesting? Here’s How You Can Generate Art Using AI

As is evident from the above example, wording your prompt correctly yields better results. But where do you input these prompts? It is here that various AI-based tools come into the picture which will convert your phrases and sentences into amazing artwork. 

CF Spark Art 

Let’s take a look at one such AI art generator tool – CF Spark Art

Using this tool, you can create art that is inspired by existing images or something which is completely new. All this can be achieved with just a few clicks. 

Step 1 – Visit the CF Spark Art website and launch their AI image generator. 

Step 2 – Enter your prompt. Since this is not an easy task for everyone, there are a lot of sample prompts that you can use. 

Step 3 – Enter the required ratio of the image you wish to create. 

Step 4 – Hit the ‘ignite’ button and wait for the tool to create magic. 

Step 5 – The prompt will be brought to life and you will have as many as four versions of the prompt. You can select the one you like the best and hit ‘Publish’.

Easy, isn’t it? Go ahead and try creating one yourself using CF Spark Art. 

Future of AI-Generated Art


To be clear, even though AI has been around for a long time, AI-Generated art has become a thing only in the past year. However, the amount of traction it has gained in such a short time is intriguing. 

There is no doubt that with the increasing popularity of social media, the demand for specific kinds of artwork is at its highest. The sheer amount of work that is being created by artists manually is not enough to satisfy the demand. The use of technology can certainly do wonders for this area. 

Moreover, the quality of AI-Generated Art is unique and there is certainly no beating it in terms of speed. In fact, many prompts can lead to the artwork that is considered impossible for humans to create since the human mind has its limitations. 

Another reason why it seems that AI-Generated art is here to stay is the fact that sometimes the artwork so generated is not used as it is. Instead, it can certainly be used to add value to human-created artwork, both in terms of ideas and execution. 


In terms of the future of AI-Generated art, the human aspect cannot be ignored. Often, the art generated by AI can be said to be lacking a human touch. While some may argue that the art is only as good as the prompt, the end result is what matters. 

Furthermore, the inherent limitations in typing a great prompt are also there. For instance, there may be hundreds of ways of saying a particular phrase and each phrase might result in a different artwork. No wonder, it may take a lot of time to get exactly what you are looking for.

Final Word

Despite the issues associated with AI-Generated artwork, it needs to be acknowledged that it has a bright future. The speed and quality of such artwork mean that it can be used in areas or fields where precision may not be a prerequisite (not that AI-Generated art cannot be precise).