If you are an active internet user, you must have heard about drone light shows lately. No doubt that drone light shows have been the hottest topic of discussion in the past few years. YouTube was teeming with videos of the drones crafting various shapes up in the airspace. 

You may be curious about the expenses that are involved in the package of captivating animations. So now let’s dive into this subject head-on and find out why this fleet of small robots guided by pilots brings so much joy to the audience. You can be sure, Lumasky has the answers to your questions!

What exactly does “Drone Show” mean?

This type of show represents a creative and truly innovative way of entertainment. They not just control multiple unmanned flying robots equipped with colorful lights to generate exciting figures but also make real-life shows. Aerial displays, led by precise operations and choreographed to perfection, look like a symphony of lights in the night sky. It can absolutely make any type of event you can or cannot possibly imagine. 

Customization is what makes it great. Suitable for the theme, atmosphere, and idea of any party, whether it be a large outdoor concert or a small gathering with your friends and family, the light show is truly impressive and allows for unforgettable experiences. The show can become even more mind-blowing when masterminds add music, pyrotechnic equipment, and different special effects. In just a few minutes, the sky is transformed into a canvas of light and color and never leaves anyone unattended.

Shows like those we’re talking about are usually associated with out-of-door settings nevertheless indoor presentations are no less popular. These advanced displays use things like special lights, careful planning, and advanced software. All these factors have the power to hold the attention of any audience.

The price

The price of a custom drone light show can change a lot like in any personalized content. It depends on things like how long the show lasts, how big it is, how many drones are involved, the weather conditions, and of course the size of the space where the show will be performed. 

Each drone comes with a unique price tag. The price can be altered based on the specific show you desire. If you like bigger and more complex shows, you may have to pay more because of the use of drones.

To put it differently, the cost of a unique show matches the set of requirements. The higher the price, the more complex and extraordinary the show will be. If you’re searching for more uncommon shows, be prepared to pay a considerable sum.

Each show is a distinctive masterpiece, meticulously crafted to suit its special event. If you’re thinking about a more intimate presentation featuring fewer drones and a shorter time frame like a wedding or a private gathering, the price could fall between $30,000 and $100,000.

Speaking of a large performance, like a huge concert or a big conference, we are talking about a higher budget. It will cost from $100,000 to over $500,000, again, considering the peculiarity of the show and the complexity of the flight.

Here’s a simplified version:

Package Number of Drones Price
Basic Package 200 $99,000
Dynamic Package 300 $149,000
Creative 3D Package 300 $199,000
Intricate 3D Package 500 $299,000
Custom Package (over 500 drones) Customized Contact for Pricing

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The lightening sky

Although not many people had the opportunity to attend this kind of show, many probably have heard of the show called “Order in Chaos & Chaos in Order”. And if you haven’t heard about this, you definitely should. These drones worked together to create stunning images during the grandest drone show ever. The Guinness World Records honored ‘Order in 

Chaos and Chaos in Order operates the largest number of drones used in one show (2,000 truly wonderful drones). They moved in perfect harmony, smoothly switching between fascinating pictures. Their successful execution of these aerial formations was made possible by advanced technology and a team of experts skillfully piloting the drones.

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Spectacle on the board of the stunning cruise ship

The drone light show, which consisted of 600 drones, was intended to unveil the newest MSC Europa cruise ship. The display had to match the grandeur of the ship. The sky was beautifully decorated with bright lights and colors that left a lasting impression.

Among the amazing things drones can do, the drone displays mentioned are just a couple of impressive examples. As technology keeps getting better day by day, we’ll likely see even more fantastic drone shows in the future.

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Charges for the spectacles, like those mentioned here

The cost is not really unified and varies just like the drone amount, duration, and technological complexity.

Determining the final cost is actually not a simple job, as several factors are involved. But one thing is clear: the production of these shows doesn’t come cheap. Nevertheless, if you want a truly unique and of course memorable event it might be your best card to play.

If you desire a more modest and interesting presentation, similar to this in Qatar, which boasts 600 drones, the price range will fall between $120,000 to $170,000. The package covers practice sessions, safety clearance for flying, privacy regulations, and all the activities on the ground.

You’ll notice that the prices for larger really complex and impressive shows can get quite high. For shows that require a very high level of technical skills like the one mentioned above the cost can easily exceed 1 million US dollars.

The benefits of the drone shows

We can guarantee you that there is no way anybody could remain disinterested while watching the show. Whether it’s a fancy and modest business gathering, a wedding ceremony, or a bustling community bash, these shows have so many options to offer and will link with any type of gathering just right.

The programming of these flying robots enables the creation of detailed designs and complex patterns that can be synchronized with music and sound effects. It’s a captivating and catchy experience that will run the show.

But consider this versatility. Drone light shows can be customized to meet the specific needs of any location and budget. It’s like fine-tuning a knob – they can be as simple as a few drones or as extravagant as a swarm of thousands. You can blend them with live music or let them stand alone as captivating, static displays.

A drone light show is indeed the perfect way to impress any upscale audience without breaking the bank. Displays like this can be compared to Swiss Army knives when we are talking about entertainment due to their flexibility, versatility, and environmental friendliness. 

Prepare to have a fulfilling experience that will keep your guests on the edge of their seats. To find out more about our services and how you can book one for your event, sign up now. We’re here to share the amazing stories our drone shows can tell.

The drone display’s eco-benefits

Event organizers should try to implement eco-friendly terms when arranging shows to avoid causing harm to the environment. Drone light shows not only provide an exceptional entertainment experience but can also show your commitment to environmental issues.

  • Cleaner Air and Quiet Skies: Using electric drones means cleaner air and less noise pollution compared to fireworks, which emit harmful metals and chemicals affecting both the environment and our hearing. 
  • No Fire Hazards: Drones are a safer choice as they cancel out the fire hazards associated with fireworks, especially in areas prone to wildfires.
  • Energy Efficiency Mode: Recharging their batteries on charging stations drones are much better than fireworks that just make noise and then disappear. This saves energy and reduces our impact on the environment.
  • Respectability: Eco-friendly technologies can help you improve an event’s public image by showing a dedication to preserving the environment and promoting sustainability.

It’s our mission to think about the energy that drones are using when charging and what happens to them when they become unusable.

How do you choose from a wide range of companies?

  1. Find companies nearby or willing to come to your event. Search online and through social media to make a list of them.
  2. Check the company’s experience and reviews. You don’t need a company that is unskilled and has no good track record.
  3. Ensure they follow safety rules for drones in your area. Ask about safety measures, insurance, and permits.
  4. Inquire about the technology and equipment they use. Better tech means a better show. Also, ask about backup plans.
  5. Get a price list of the shows, setups, travel, and permits, and compare them to one another to find the best value.

These steps will surely help you to find the perfect company to make your dreams come