Esports is one of the fastest-developing sectors in the gaming industry, and it is only anticipated to expand even more, both in terms of revenue and viewership. With a market projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.7% between 2022 and 2023, this sector is expected to welcome new and exciting projects in the future that players can discover and become increasingly skilled at playing.

Many remarkable projects have broken into the market so far in the esports industry, such as the hits Call of Duty, League of Legends, Apex Legends, and the list can go on. While they can be addictive and difficult to quit once the players get the taste of them, esports games also bring a host of benefits for the user that are hard to overlook. Decision-making, reaction time, strategic thinking, team skills, hand-eye coordination, and memory capacity are developed as the players keep enhancing their abilities. However, League of Legends and Call of Duty may not be the best breaking point for esports, especially for newcomers to this complex world. They may seem too complicated to understand and difficult to learn, making some newbies quit the journey in their tracks.

The easiest method to develop your skills and improve as you go is to start out modestly with beginner-friendly esports games, so let’s discover the best titles with a lenient learning curve that will be worth your time.


If Counter-Strike has ever piqued your interest, but you found it too knotty, know there’s a more approachable alternative to it, namely Valorant. The game ranks among the most beginner-friendly entries you can find and resembles the behemoth CS: GO in several aspects, like the maps, round setups, and several shared gameplay elements.

The title has many fascinating agents you can play, and learning to master them will mostly depend on the time you have on hand. After developing some understanding of the game, you can take your esports passion further and place bets on your favorite competitions. It’s recommended to pay attention to the website the moment you place your esports bet to ensure you’re using a reliable provider that also offers good deals. The betting industry is growing by leaps and bounds given the money-making opportunities and entertainment provided for users. But until you gain some experience and knowledge, here’s a tip that will help you through your journey: start with newbie-friendly characters. Reyna, Omen, Phoenix, Sage, KAY/O and Killjoy are the easiest agents you can use until you learn the game’s insides. Reyna is the right choice for Solo Queue, providing a basic ability kit and being designed primarily for new spawns. Omen is also a great pick, being among the most popular agents in the game and used for any map and team. Phoenix is designed with an ability kit that provides rotation and flank protection and comes fully equipped to deliver a complete gaming experience.

Last but not least, Sage is also a popular choice among beginners. She’s mostly valued for sending agents in the safe zone and has some interesting tricks you can pick up with practice. She could, for example, take a gander over the rising wall. Alternatively, you can rotate it and place it in a small space just to bother opponents.


Some games aren’t difficult to pick up, but they increase in difficulty as you try to master them. In this regard, Fortnite is a good example of a game combining challenges with skill-developing opportunities. Although it’s simple enough for novices, it uses a lot of intricate physics that you’ll have to learn as you go. However, it can get complicated as you progress through the match and want more rewards. For instance, if you’ll hunt the Victory Royale, the element that any player strives for, know that it may be challenging. This achievement requires luck, skill, and dedication, which take time and practice. But it will be worth your effort if this game starts to catch you.

For a newcomer, the playground mode is the safest place to start. You’ll have to gather tools, fight battles and develop forts, all of which will improve your executive functioning skills, such as planning and flexible thinking, as you progress through the game. You’ll fight against other players with the items held while having access to different rewards that make the game increasingly exciting. In your journey, you’ll have to construct towers, gather loot, and manage inventory in order to protect your character from other players.

As you’ll get to see, Fortnite is relatively simple to learn and can be exciting if you’re into survival-based player-versus-player games.

Overwatch 2

If you’re new to esports, Overwatch 2 may be a good fit for you. It has secured its spot as one of the most beginner-friendly games ever since it was released in October of last year and keeps ranking among the best team-based FPS titles. Even if you lack experience in the game, learning its intricacies won’t pose challenges, so don’t worry if you won’t master it during the first few games. Instead, give yourself time to become better at the game.

As a newcomer to the stage, you may have difficulty picking a character to play. Some of them are better fits for skilled players that have gained experience over time, whereas others can make it easier for you to develop in-game skills if you’re an FPS newbie.

As such, when you’re breaking into Overwatch 2, give Pharah, Reaper, and Ashe a shot. Of course, there are more novice-friendly heroes you can opt for, depending on the capabilities you look in them.

Halo Infinite

Last but not least, the list of easy-to-learn games could only be complete with the giant Halo Infinite. Players have long awaited the title to be released in 2021, and ever since its launch, it has drawn many newcomers to the scene. The game is a first-person shooter built on cross-progression and crossplay. You’ll find many multiplayer modes and maps across the Big Team Battle and Arena suites, with some better than others.

Halo has always been recognized as a fun and challenging experience, but Halo Infinite took the game to the next level. Halo: Infinite brought three new multiplayer maps to players in March 2023 to expand on its features. If you find it intimidating to choose a map when you enter the game, you can opt for Bazaar and the Launch Site until you gain some skill.

Though there’s a wide selection of exciting titles in the eSports industry, beginner-friendly games are the greatest places to begin honing your gaming abilities in this field.