Smart ticketing is advanced software that can enhance the fare collection process through an automated system.

This form of automated fare collection has a similar process to the manual alternatives you might already be familiar with, which involve the purchase of a paper ticket. The difference here is that the entire process is executed over a cloud-native digital system for swift and seamless travel.

Where riders would often need to purchase their travel from behind a counter or use physical cash to buy from a machine, smart ticketing allows them to complete their transaction through cashless payments.

They can have access to a variety of fare options from a digital platform and have their virtual ticket available instantly after purchase. This process can also include a range of different payment methods, such as smart cards, digital wallets, smartphone payments, and more.

What are the benefits of using smart ticketing?

There are various benefits to using smart ticketing for both transit operators and riders. 


  • Seamless travel

With smart ticketing, riders can have a seamless and efficient way of traveling.

They’ll no longer need to spend time searching for cash to put in a ticket machine or have to wait in long queues to buy a ticket from a physical counter.

Instead, riders can purchase their ticket on the go using their smartphone and have access to their digital ticket instantly. As well as this, passengers can use contactless EMV (cEMV) payments to instantly board your service without the need for a paper ticket or receipt.

  • Fare variety and flexibility

Smart ticketing can also give riders a clear overview of fare options, and allow them to pay in a range of different ways.

Riders can easily access organized fare options, with prices clearly displayed, so they have the best value fares to choose from.

In today’s world, there’s a prominent cashless culture amongst most people, so having a system that allows you to pay virtually is a great benefit. Riders can choose their preferred mode of payment, such as a smart card.


  • Faster payment processing

As a transit operator, smart ticketing is an efficient way of processing and validating payments made by riders. 

With this system, the process can be rapid but smooth, as all payments are executed and validated digitally. In addition, a fast process enables a higher passenger throughput. 

As soon as a rider makes a payment, the data will be organized and stored in the system and is easy to access. Payments are also processed much faster through secure, cloud-based software.

  • Uninterrupted service

By working through a digital system, the smart ticketing software can promptly detect any issue occurring in the service. For example, when a ticket machine or validator might not be working.

By spotting these issues immediately, they can be quickly addressed and prevent any disruptions to rider travel.

As you can see, smart ticketing provides a variety of benefits not only for transit agencies or operators but also for the riders who use the service.