Launched by 99 Games, Star Chef 2 builds on the legacy of the first version and revolves around the modern dining environment and chef life. The team has revamped the food combinations, community play, and characters and maintained the same sentiments, emotions, and joy as the first version.

Star Chef 2 features the characteristics and aspects of modern chef life. You will enjoy beautiful graphics, layouts, new recipes, and combinations. Moreover, you get full freedom to change the layout and design a custom one according to your wish.

Here in this detailed review, we will discuss all the new elements that you will enjoy with the latest version of the game. So, without any further ado, let us dive into the details.

Story Settings & Gameplay

Star Chef 2 Lands you in a brand new restaurant where you have to start everything from scratch. You have to manage different roles in the game and oversee all the aspects to rise and gain fame for your restaurant.

With Star Chef 2, you can enjoy a management game rather than a game that indulges in traditional cooking. You can choose a recipe, collect ingredients, and tap to initiate the cooking process.

Once completed, you must click on the customer who asked for that specific dish. So you don’t have to deal with ingredients a lot. You just have to manage that there are enough ingredients to make the dishes.

If you don’t have enough ingredients, you have to visit the supermarket to buy them or level up to increase the stacks of ingredients. When you level up, you unlock more cooking appliances to cook different dishes for your customers. 

In short, you have to initiate the processes, manage them and complete them. The game elements never overwhelm you with several activities so that you can enjoy everything properly.


The controls of the restaurant game are highly responsive. The loop to start a process, waiting for completion and final delivery, is quite addictive. If you are eager to grow your restaurant, you will find the tasks and other game elements quite interesting. 

Whether you are a game enthusiast or just play it as a hobby, you will be satisfied with its excellent features. However, the satisfaction level depends on how deeply you want to indulge with the game features and make the most of them. 

Custom Layouts

Star Chef 2 allows you to customize your restaurant according to your wish. You can change the aesthetics and décor of the restaurant at any moment according to your needs. You get more freedom, and you enjoy a deep level of customization.

At times of festivals like Christmas, or New Year, you can give a theme décor to your restaurant and spread the festival vibe. You can customize the appliances, tables, utilities, décor items, backyard, etc.

Audio Control

In Star Chef 2, you get advanced audio control in the settings menu. You get three options with which you can control the overall audio of the game. 

  • With the volume button, you can switch on or off the ambient sounds of the game, like the chirping of birds, crashing waves, food cooking, and many more.
  • The game sounds controls allow you to manage the audio sounds of the character’s movement, the sounds of kitchen appliances, reward collection sounds, and crop harvest sounds. With a click of your mouse, you can switch them on or off. You can access the game sounds control through advanced settings.
  • The musical note button allows you to tune in to the game’s background music, giving you the real-life feel of the modern restaurant and fine dining. However, if you are not a fan of the music, you can turn it off by clicking the same button.


Star Chef 2 features different currencies that allow you to advance in the game. Coins and cash are the main currencies of the game. You can use the cash to speed up the actions and advance swiftly. You can accumulate coins and cash by completing the quests and leveling up.

However, if you don’t want to wait, you can make an in-game purchase and build stacks of them.

Community Play & Mini Games

The Star Chef 2 comes with collaborative features of social media support. You can compete with your friends and enjoy the game together. Moreover, you enjoy different mini-games while playing the main story.

The latest version comes with the bakery pop mini-games. It is a bubble shooter game where you have to pop candies all day long. 

Final Verdict

Star Chef 2 will indulge you in a modern restaurant where you have to manage everything and take your restaurant to new heights. The best thing is that you can play the game on your smartphones(iOS & Android), Windows PC, and Mac devices. So, stop wasting your time and download the game to enjoy the finest cooking game.