There are many laptop purchasing options that are available to consumers today. Technology is constantly changing and customers have a variety of different goods to choose from. Additionally, people can purchase from a variety of sources. With the immense amount of technology and purchasing options available to people how can the decipher what the right decision to make is? There are several ways but it really boils down to the specific needs of a customer and what they feel will suit them best. To get started it is best to understand the main different types of laptop conditions that are available.

Refurbished Laptops

Refurbished laptops are used laptops that have been repaired and repackaged. A laptop can have obtain a refurbished title even if it was never really damaged. The refurbished title is given to any laptop that has undergone a restoration and been repackaged for sale. Due to the fact that it will typically be a laptop that was recycled rather than outright disposed of, a refurbished laptop is eco friendly. Refurbished laptops give buyers the opportunity to purchase a great laptop at a fraction of the original cost.

Used Laptops

Used laptops vary in their condition. A laptop that was purchased then used, even once to a few times, classifies as a used laptop. The term “used” doesn’t provide customers with any details regarding the condition of the laptop therefore it is very important that a buyer reads the details of the listing. Additionally, it is important to thoroughly inspect the laptop and its parts when purchasing a used laptop. Used laptops can also be another great way to purchase premium laptops at a discounted price but only if any damage on the laptop will cost less to fix than a new laptop.

Certified Pre-Owned Laptops

Certified pre-owned and refurbished are nearly identical terms. Certified pre-owned is a term that is used very regularly in the automotive industry when describing vehicles that have been restored to factory specifications after being used. When describing laptops the overall practice used with certified pre-owned vehicles carries over. Certified pre-owned laptops are inspected then repaired for resale. Much like refurbished laptops, certified pre-owned laptops usually have their warranties extended or are sold with new warranties. It is important to realize that certified pre-owned laptops are backed by their seller.

The Winner

The choice between a refurbished laptop, a used laptop, and a certified pre-owned laptop all depends on what a buyer’s needs are. For buyers that are tech-savvy and would like to purchase another laptop for the cheapest price possible then a used laptop may be the best choice. For buyers who would like a warranty on their purchase in case something is wrong with the laptop then certified pre-owned or refurbished laptops are great purchases. Certified pre-owned laptops offer great value due to their warranties but may not be much cheaper than a new laptop. The choice of a winner lies in the hands of the buyer.