As an online store owner or manufacturer, you probably want to maximize profits and stay competitive in the market. With changing market conditions and tough competition, it is crucial to track the prices of products offered by your competitors.

Price monitoring software for online stores

Dealavo is a tool that allows you to monitor product prices in various online stores and sales platforms. Moreover, by using the dynamic pricing feature, you can automatically adjust your prices to the current market situation, which will allow you to increase your profits. In this article, you’ll learn more about how Dealavo can help you increase your online retail productivity.

Dealavo – a program for monitoring prices of any platforms – both Marketplace and individual online stores. 

Price adjustment rules

Price monitoring with Dealavo allows you to use the function of dynamic price adjustment (repricing). Thanks to this, you can automatically change the prices of your products, e.g. in response to changes in prices offered by competitors. Dealavo allows you to define repricing rules: you can define the minimum and maximum prices you are willing to achieve and optimize prices to obtain maximum profit. Research conducted on Dealavo customers has shown that price optimization using the repricing function can increase profits by up to 50%.

The Dynamic Pricing function available in Dealavo allows you to use automatic price repricing to adapt to the market situation, source:

Dealavo offers a variety of pricing rules for customers, including setting prices between selected competitors, setting target margins with an amount or percentage markup, lowering or increasing prices by a specific amount/percentage, basing prices on market position, reducing prices when stock levels are low, and using artificial intelligence to optimize profits.

Dealavo can also help you choose the best sales channels. Thanks to the Dealavo application, you can easily compare prices and competition in various sales channels, e.g. online stores, sales platforms, or even on foreign markets. Access to information about international markets, as well as price and competition reports, will allow you to decide on which sales channels to focus your attention and help increase the efficiency of your sales.

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Price monitor for producers

Dealavo is not only a tool for online stores but also for manufacturers. By working with Dealavo, you receive a tool that will allow you to track the prices of your products in various online stores and assess the effectiveness of your trading partners. Dealavo reports for manufacturers contain a wealth of data to help you make business decisions, such as information about competition, data quality, and product availability, as well as help identify potential problems related to the distribution of your products.

The product price monitoring function can be used by manufacturers, e.g. to prevent price wars, source:

Dealavo also offers the functionality of intelligent alarms – the tool allows you to manually set alarms for specific events, such as a price war among competitors. Based on data processing, the system will quickly detect alarming signals, informing you about a price war in a given market segment or warning you about other situations requiring a quick response.


Dealavo is a tool that offers many possibilities and helps increase the efficiency of online retail sales. Thanks to powerful algorithms and functionalities such as dynamic price cutting (repricing), market analysis, access to reports and data, as well as intelligent alarms, Dealavo helps you manage your sales effectively. Regardless of whether you are an online store owner or a manufacturer, Dealavo helps you achieve success on the Internet, thereby increasing your profits and maintaining competitiveness in the market.