When you attempt to put your own Shopify store together, you soon get to see that there are countless themes and plug-ins to choose from. Then there’s the aspect of SEO, conversion rates, the customer experience you offer, and more. Truth be told, it can get a bit complicated, which is why many choose to turn to an expert Shopify development agency for assistance.

So, the question that needs to be answered is whether you should trust Shopify developers to get your online store in the best possible shape for success. So, come with us now as we explore some of the many reasons why you should eschew the DIY route in favor of enlisting specialist support.

Shopify Agency Experts Know the Platform Back to Front

There’s no getting around the fact that when you have a standard Shopify license, you get limited experience when it comes to getting creative. Sure, it can be pretty straightforward to put your site together, upload your products and create a smooth user flow. 

However, it’s also relatively easy to get things wrong, regardless of whether you’re on the Advanced Shopify option or the Basic Plan. The sales you enjoy will depend much on choosing the right theme, images, and buttons, and Shopify experts know this stuff like the back of their hands.

Then there are aspects like the plug-ings you’re going to use, and there are more than a few in the Shopify App Store to get you started. Again, this can be very confusing without the expert knowledge you need, and the help you get from experts can be invaluable. 

Lots & Lots of Store Development Expertise

Going into creating any new Shopify store, you have to account for the fact that every business is different, with a different set of needs. As such, Shopify developers can do much to realize the results you’re aiming for. Amongst the many things experts like these can do for you are:

  • Adjust pre-made Shopify themes to exactly match your inventory
  • Employ plug-ins to create a seamless customer experience
  • Assist with integrating your online platforms together
  • Create additional artwork to complement your branding
  • Deal with all of your SEO needs for online visibility
  • Offer ongoing support and expertise

With Shopify experts in your corner, the sky is literally the limit, and whether you’re looking to expand, they offer the reassurance that comes with knowing your store is in tip-top shape.

Getting Your Shopify Store Seen Online

Another key factor for any online store is getting seen online, meaning a coherent digital marketing strategy is required. It’s about as important as it gets, as, without one, you’re almost certain to miss out on the traffic, interaction, engagement, and ultimately, sales. 

In addition to dealing with your on and off-page SEO needs (which are highly technical jobs in themselves), specialist Shopify developers can also help you to configure all of your plugins and then monitor the important data your efforts glean. 

Standard Shopify analytics only provide very basic data when compared with what’s on offer from Google, but it requires an expert hand to make the most of it. Experts on the platform can help you to:

  • Leverage social media to drive traffic to your site
  • Retarget those who have visited your site with paid advertising
  • Use performance media to boost awareness of your brand
  • Ensure that the copy on your store contributes to the experience
  • Provide consistency of voice, visuals, and CTAs across your store

Creating a Store That Beats Your Competition

What is your Shopify store there to do? Sure, online stores are there to sell your wares as their basic function, but they’re also a beacon on the web that you can use to beat your competition. If you want it to do that, then it must showcase your brand in a pitch-perfect way.

Getting your ideas converted into reality is what most Shopify experts are best at, so you can trust them to create something that hits all the high notes. Of course, the main aim is to represent your brand across each and every page of your site in a super consistent way.

Amongst the many things they can do for you are:

  • Putting together motion graphics, imagery, and infographics
  • Fully leveraging your website’s theme
  • Converting all of your assets for performance and social media
  • Making sure all of your products are displayed in a captivating way
  • Providing guidance with all of your artistic needs

Optimizing the Speed of Your Store Matters

If you want people to stay long enough to make a purchase from your website, it needs to load nicely and smoothly. You’ve typically got around 6 seconds to impress a site visitor, so you don’t want to waste of all it waiting for your site load. 

The stats show that people will usually give up and go somewhere if your site takes longer than three seconds, but would you know how to speed up yours? Well, Shopify developers do, and they can speed up your site using a variety of techniques. 

  • Optimizing your plug-ins to avoid lagging
  • Enhancing your site’s images doesn’t cause lag
  • Ensuring the right hosting is being used

Enlist the Help of Shopify Experts For Commercial Success

Whichever way you slice things, your Shopify store needs to be on point in every area if you want to enjoy the commercial success all your efforts are designed to achieve.

The problem is that most people don’t even have close to the same degree of expertise that Shopify experts do, so there’s a high probability that you won’t create your store as well. Even if you are able to get close to the same level of sophistication, it’s going to take you away from your core business, which means less time creating amazing products and services for your customers.

A Shopify development agency will cost you part of your budget, but when you see the difference they can make, you’ll realize that it’s money well spent.