Mahjong requires careful strategic thinking. To improve your game, learn the rules and strategies. Furthermore, create an emergency backup plan: for instance if playing Mahjong with time restrictions try using this as soon as possible during playback.

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Mahjong is a puzzle game requiring strategic thinking and concentration that has long been enjoyed in China and around the world. First created during the 1800s, it is now often played digitally on computers or mobile devices as an individual solitaire game.

Mahjong games may take quite some time to play, making them less accessible and quicker for completion. Some online versions, however, allow players to set a shorter timer to make them more manageable and accessible.

Mahjong can also be played as a videogame, such as Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Players use their character to compete at the Gold Saucer casino; mahjong also appears in Mah-Jong Riichi and Saki anime series and manga series respectively. A chicken hand refers to any complete hand composed of four sets and one pair that do not contain an unfavoured meld, without which there would be no win!


Mahjong is a classic strategic game, requiring intense concentration to successfully play. Your aim should be to remove all blocks from the table without accidentally blocking other tiles, with faster exposure yielding greater scores.

Mahjong can be played online with various rules. For instance, you can decide whether or not chicken hands (four sets and a pair) should be permitted or disallowed entirely; some versions even provide them with token scores as rewards!

To initiate a game, click New Game. At the start of each hand, the system shuffles tiles and builds a wall for you to play against; after which, players in E positions reveal their tiles to start the hand by clicking Show Tiles.


Mahjong has a rich and long-standing tradition, evolving over time and taking many forms worldwide – though many versions have been standardised by the National Mahjong League (NMJL).

Mahjong online games provide players with an engaging mental challenge: socializing and analyzing, planning backup strategies, making decisions quickly and being flexible are all required to compete successfully in these online mahjong games – making it one of the best ways to maintain brain health.

Arkadium’s Mahjong Dimensions offers one such online mahjong game in which players manipulate a 3-dimensional stack of symbolic tiles without using multi-tile sets, emphasizing pattern recognition and reaction time while rewarding fast pairing with point multipliers for pairing tiles quickly. Certain variants also allow declaring richi (meaning that your hand is closed/no melds exposed).


Mahjong is an exciting game that requires analytical thought to increase your chances of victory. By following some basic tips, you can hone your strategy and increase your odds of success!

Paying close attention to both existing tiles on the board and newly revealed ones will enable you to quickly identify which pairs can be combined, prioritizing those which could help complete a Pung or Kong sooner in the game.

Mahjong can be one of the best ways to learn the game, providing an opportunity for brain exercise while providing a great way to socialize with friends. Furthermore, its cultural significance dates back to at least the 1920s – even being used as an event plot device in 2016 movie Arrival!

Time limit

Mahjong is a timeless classic that’s loved worldwide. A relaxing and fun game, it offers great opportunities to develop logic and problem-solving skills while competing with other players in tournaments and win real cash!

Mahjong rules resemble those of card games: tile images must match, and each tile is assigned to one of seven suits: circles, bamboos, symbols, dragons, winds, flowers or seasons.

Though Mahjong may seem simple, its challenges are immense. Success requires both patience and strategy – in particular having a plan and sticking to it! Additionally, be flexible if one strategy doesn’t work; be adaptable enough to change tactics when necessary.