According to a reliable source, there are currently over 2 billion users on Instagram. This makes Instagram a favourable destination that attracts a horde of businesses to tap into such a potential customer base. As the years roll by, the competition between brands trying to get a bigger pie of that audience, becomes stiffer as the algorithm plays its magic.

However, some of the big players know well enough that to get ahead of the competition and drive massive engagement to their business pages on Instagram, it is necessary to optimize a range of tools.


In the world of Instagram engagement, apps that let you save content for inspiration can be a game-changer. This is why tools like GetInsta, which allow you to download high-quality Instagram photos, videos, reels, and stories effortlessly, can significantly help you boost your engagement. When using free tools, remember to look into their ethical use and user privacy.  

GetInsta operates anonymously, requiring no personal information or social account connections, but not all apps will let you use them without an account. So whether you’re interested in saving content from profiles, hashtags, or specific locations, choose an Instagram downloader that provides a user-friendly, browser-based solution that ensures you get the highest quality content, free from any watermarks.


This is probably one of the most important tools any business concerned about social media engagement can use today. Some of the best features of this tool are the analytics, scheduling, streams and the ability to keep track of keywords. As a matter of fact, Hootsuite’s hashtag tracking tool stands out as its major selling point as there are very few platforms that get it right. 

With this tool, you can get informed on what customers are saying about your brand, get in the conversation to build more leads and use the data drawn to inform your content strategy. Hoot suite currently offers monthly subscription plans that range from $49 – 739.


For the longest time, a big hack to driving massive engagement on Instagram profiles is tied to consistent posting and this is one tool that helps with that. This tool came into the scene as a scheduling tool that makes it easier for you to set posts ahead, in such a way they go live on their stipulated dates without an approval required. 

Unlike other platforms that have the scheduling tool, this platform stands out by offering a calendar view that makes it easy for users to drag and drop contents to their scheduled dates on the calendar.


Imagine a tool that lets you in on how much engagement you get per post, how much your account has grown with time, your top followers with the most influence, mentions about your business and even the most utilised hashtags in your industry– that’s such a cheat code. 

By having all this analytics data at your disposal, you are armed with enough information on how to create content, and most importantly, how to optimise content that drives the most engagement to your business page. It comes as no surprise this tool is widely used among businesses globally. 


As far as getting engagement is concerned, one factor that should be a top priority is content quality. This is such a no-brainer, seeing as Instagram is a highly visual platform, as such as a business, you have to put in good effort to create content that converts. One of the biggest tools in the market today that helps with that is Instories. 

This tool’s main business model revolves around providing users with the best design templates that are optimised for Instagram. This way, you can create quality content with ease without necessarily breaking the bank.

Stay Ahead The Curve with Your Content Marketing on Instagram

Beating your competitors on Instagram depends on how much data you have at your disposal and how well you can automate processes based on the information at your disposal. With most of the tools above, you get the best of both worlds, eventually helping you push your engagement through the roof for higher conversions. Are you yet to take advantage of any of the tools discussed above?