Pokémon Go’s global sensation has enthralled many, bringing them out of their homes and into the streets, parks, and public spaces in the quest to catch ’em all. For some, the desire to experience the game from different locales or the convenience of their living room has given rise to tools that help simulate location movements. This article highlights the best free apps that offer fake GPS joystick capabilities for Pokémon Go on both iOS and Android platforms.

Part 1: Best Free Pokémon Go Fake GPS Joystick Hack App for iOS – iGPSGo

iGPSGo Pokemon Go GPS Spoofer for iOS Features:

  1. Interactive Joystick: Seamlessly navigate the Pokémon Go world without needing to move an inch from your spot.
  2. Adaptive Speeds: Control the pace of your in-game character, from a gentle stroll to a brisk jog, enhancing gameplay.
  3. Location Bookmarking: Have a favorite spot? Save it! Return to your saved Pokémon hotspots with ease.
  4. Stealth Mode: Built-in mechanisms to help reduce the chances of detection by the game developers.

How to Use iGPSGo Pokémon Go Fake GPS Joystick App:

  • Downloading and installing: Head over to the iGPSGo official site or trusted app repositories to download the app for iOS.
  • Connect iPhone to PC: Once installed, launch the iGPSGo app and connect your iPhone to your PC with a USB cable.

  • Joystick mode: Using this joystick mode, you can move around the game’s world. You can also adjust your speed, teleport to saved locations, you can freely control directions

Part 2: Best Free Pokémon Go Fake GPS Joystick Mod APK for Android – PGSharp


  1. Smooth Joystick Experience: A highly responsive joystick, perfect for navigating the Pokémon world.
  2. Instant Teleportation: Got a faraway location in mind? Jump straight to it!
  3. Customized Travel Routes: Simulate real-world movements by plotting specific paths.
  4. AR Exploration: Dive deeper into locations with an augmented reality interface.

How to Use PGSharp Pokémon Go Fake GPS Joystick Mod APK:

  1. Acquire the App: Visit the official PGSharp website or opt for a reputable APK platform to download the modded version.
  2. Initial Setup: Post-installation, open PGSharp and run through the primary configuration, providing necessary permissions on the go.
  3. Joystick Activation: With the game on, the joystick feature should be visible and ready to use.
  4. In-game Operations: Traverse using the joystick, teleport across regions, or establish specific paths for a more genuine feel. If curious, switch on the AR mode and engage with the environment in a fresh, immersive manner.


While Pokémon Go was designed to promote outdoor exploration, tools like iGPSGo and PGSharp provide players with the flexibility to experience the game in new, innovative ways. These applications bridge the physical gap, letting trainers scout global Pokémon habitats or engage in far-off gym battles without booking a flight ticket. As always, exercise caution when employing third-party tools and prioritize fair play. The world of Pokémon awaits – virtually or otherwise. Happy gaming!