The proliferation of esports betting is undeniable. In 2021, the industry in Asia crossed the $1 billion mark, while the US witnessed a staggering $12.9 billion in total wagers for the year 2020. The primary contributors to this trend are individuals aged 18-25, representing approximately 80% of all bets. Growth seems inevitable as this age bracket continues to immerse itself in esports.

Betting on esports parallels traditional sports betting. Bookmakers determine the odds, which represent the expected probability of an outcome. Punters then place bets on popular platforms like on the results of esports matches or tournaments, with a successful prediction translating to monetary wins.

Deciphering Esports Betting Jargon

Deciphering Esports Betting Jargon

Entering the world of esports betting necessitates an understanding of its unique language:


Represents the probability of a specific outcome, typically in a ratio format.


A tool to even out matches where one team dominates in favourability.


Betting is based on whether total points or goals in a game surpass or fall short of the bookmaker’s set number.

Prop Bets

Bets centered on particular events within a match, such as first kills or objectives achieved.

Major Esports Titles for Betting

A multitude of games comprise the esports sector. Some of the standout titles include:

Dota 2

A leading MOBA title recognized for its competitive scene and lucrative tournaments.

League of Legends

League of Legends is known for its active competitive ecosystem and the globally watched World Championship.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

CS:GO has a competitive scene dates back to the early 2000s. The game is known for its intense matches and large prize pools.

Beginner’s Strategies for Esports Betting

Beginner's Strategies for Esports Betting

Track Esports Teams

Much like how sports analysts have their predictions based on past performances, tracking esports teams’ histories and strategies can be invaluable. Regular updates on team dynamics, new player inclusions, or strategic shifts can mean the difference between a winning and a losing bet.

Familiarize with Key Players

Just as in traditional sports, a single esports player can change the tide of a match. Recognizing when a player is on a winning streak or when they might be facing challenges can assist in making informed decisions. Similarly, understanding player specialties and their current form can be the difference in predicting specific in-game events.

Venture into Live Betting:

This strategy isn’t just about real-time decision-making; it’s about adapting to the ebb and flow of a match. Opportunities arise as the game evolves, and recognizing these at the moment can lead to lucrative outcomes.

Establish a Budget

A clear budget acts as a safety net, ensuring you’re not swept away in the heat of the moment. Determining and adhering to a set limit ensures you’re not facing overwhelming losses, even on off days. Think of it as a guiding principle, helping to keep emotions in check and decisions rational.

Make the Most of Betting Bonuses

While these bonuses can be enticing, they often come with strings attached. Not only can they enhance your betting capacity, but they also introduce new strategies into your betting repertoire. However, a keen eye on the conditions attached ensures you’re making the most of the bonus without falling into any pitfalls.

Final Thoughts

Esports betting, as an industry, holds vast potential. By understanding its nuances, potential punters position themselves for the best chance of success. 

Remember, informed choices lead to better outcomes. Betting in esports is not just about luck but also about strategy, research, and, sometimes, going with your gut.