JustDubs is one of the most popular websites for getting your hands on online anime content with English dubbing. This website is enriched with a wide variety of anime and animation content. JustDubs is a website to watch Anime in English without any money. 

Are you someone looking for high-quality anime content and animation content on the web? For all of the anime lovers out there, JustDubs is just like any other streaming site loaded with Anime content. The site offers different free anime shows and movies! 

However, due to government boycotts and geographical restrictions, their content is now inaccessible to many. Because of these shortcomings, numerous JustDubs alternatives are available to help you get easy access to all your favorite anime content in a jiffy.

In this article, we have covered all the fantastic JustDubs alternatives to enjoy an excellent dubbed Anime watching experience!

15 Alternatives to JustDubs to watch English Dubbed Anime

1. GoGoAnime


If you are searching for a website that works just like Justdubs, Gogoanime is your #1 go-to site. It is simple and smooth layout is easily understood by any layman and is thus, an extraordinary decision for you. 

This website has been serving anime fans with Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese content ever since the time it was created. Different classifications are super-accessible in their format. Be it fantasy, drama, kids, action, romance, or mystery; you can enjoy anime cartoons of all types of genres! 

This anime site has a plethora of features such as Recently Added, Watch List, New Seasons, and so forth. What’s more, you can likewise download their superb anime content in a jiffy. 

GoGoAnime is way better than JustDubs as it permits you to download any of your anime in a decent full HD quality. Also, you’ll find English subtitles without any hassle. 

As many recently released anime episodes are transferred to this website first, this open-source anime streaming website keeps itself updated with the most recent content. You can even contact the Gogoanime team for any assistance or inquiry. 

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2. Crunchyroll

This website is a complete library of anime shows in numerous categories like action, drama, mystery, science fiction, romance. Crunchyroll is considered one of the best alternatives to JustDubs with its massive Anime collection of around 25,000 episodes and brilliant speed. 

The content on their landing page is characterized exhaustively to help you get easy access to any anime that you are looking for! The best part is that Crunchyroll isn’t geo-limited. In other words, you will get instant access to the top anime and animation anywhere on the planet. 

The core necessity to utilize this site is that you should sign up here initially. This anime site is compatible with different working platforms like Windows, Chromecast, Android, iOS, Roku Box, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii U, and so forth. 

Additionally, all the episodes have a video quality of 720p, and their dedicated server ensures excellent speed at all times. 

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3. AnimeLand

AnimeLand is a worth-considering anime site along with other alternatives to JustDubs. With a golden collection of about 45,000 anime cartoons in HD quality, you don’t even need to sign up to view their content.

The site offers two ways to locate your perfect anime videos, first by searching via the classifications route and second by utilizing the search bar. In the search box, you just need to put the title of your favorite anime content, and you will easily find all the necessary content in no time.

You can open and view the anime content from this website from any place around the globe. With a basic, quick, and easy-to-use interface, you will get a short description of every episode along with the story and character details. 

This site also shows high-quality content, which is regularly refreshed, to keep their daily viewers entertained and addicted. If there are any issues and concerns, AnimeLand has a devoted all day, regular client care. You can likewise find support from the consistently dynamic network gathering. As this site is fully open-source, you don’t need to buy any memberships on AnimeLand.

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4. KissAnime

KissAnime has been the predominant and most well-known anime site that offers all the anime shows for free. As it has been winning for countless years, it has high speed and an excellent user interface. KissAnime has a proper classification where you need to put the anime title. The interface is easy to use, and the site is refreshed with new content very frequently. 

This site offers an enormous collection of Hollywood content that can be viewed from 240p to 1080p. So, this will give an extraordinary experience, which is the crucial thing that individuals are expecting. KissAnime is, thus, a fantastic platform loaded with superb features that should not be missed.

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5. Anime Heaven

AnimeHeaven is yet another online anime streaming website like JustDubs. It is also free to use. The films and TV shows are categorized correctly to help you find what they are searching for effortlessly. Here you can locate your most loved content, movies that are just released, and new shows by level, year, and genre. 

This website is the one-stop place for everything related to anime. This unique point makes it stand out from the crowd. Today, there are numerous online websites for streaming anime series. However, Anime Heaven is famous for being a completely customer-friendly site. 

Its strict policy to not direct you to other sites is one of its terrific USP. Thus, everyone takes it as the most reliable alternative of JustDubs site with an outstanding customer-friendly graphical interface. 

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6. AnimeShow.tv

AnimeShow.tv in this list is a great online streaming website with loads of anime content, everything from action, drama, romance, fantasy, mystery, etc. With an attractive UI, the site is quite fast and loads easily. This site is quite easily approachable so that everybody can utilize it without any problem. 

Different shows and films have intrigued numerous anime supporters. The best part about this site is that you can be a part of conversation areas here, and anyone can join these easily. The primary concern on this site that annoys the customers that use this website is that they have more advancements. 

In any case, this point fascinates the viewers who consider it the best option in contrast to the JustDubs website.

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7. CartoonCrazy

CartoonCrazy holds the collection of many kid’s shows and movies that will become their go-to site in no time. This site is just like JustDubs but with a greater variety of content and the most famous anime shows of all time. Best of all, anime lovers would all be able to see them without spending a single penny. Thus, stay relieved as there are no hidden charges while enjoying the anime series that you love. 

Not only this, everything is open, and the customers don’t need to signup to this website to access its contents. Each category has numerous animated films, so; you can easily access this website’s content without any hassle. Every category has its ultimate collection that you can undoubtedly pick and play. You can similarly be able to organize the content by sorting them in years that will make it additionally easy to access. 

On this site, you will experience a simple and basic interface that is easily understandable by a layman. The site design is effectively available to those little ones too. Also, it is convincing as it can draw in your kid’s attention for quite a long time through its impressive content list. 

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8. Sidereel

SideReel is a JustDubs alternative to locate your #1 animated content like TV shows or series or even movies. It has a plethora of most noteworthy motion pictures and anime content. Sidereel is quite popular and thus, the most preferred site for options in contrast to JustDubs. This site isn’t just made to offer anime; instead, it contains different films, kids’ shows, and performances in different genres. 

Even though you won’t locate the most recent stuff on this site, you can enjoy watching past Anime content here. This site is customized with the goal that you can easily find all types of awesome content. To arrive at the right anime result, you need to tap on the chosen type initially, and next, click on the video or type the name of the anime series video straight in the top search bar.

Then, you can locate your ideal outcomes effortlessly. It has even been called the most extravagant library of anime recordings on all the anime sites. The site itself is loved for its simple access, so you don’t have to stress finding the best anime shows.

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9. AnimePahe

AnimePahe is one of the leading anime sites with its basic and simple to deal with UI and likewise simple. Numerous captions, copies, recordings, and free animated content are available to view just like that. It has incredible alternatives for downloading anime with less use of information. 

Despite the fact that it contains a couple of unnecessary ads and promotions, it furnishes the scenes with fine quality and simple to utilize interface. All the anime content is accessible in 720p, making this website extraordinary compared to other online anime streaming sites. The landing page of this website is all filled with recent episodes. The most recent anime shows are also additionally distributed on the landing page every week to keep their viewers updated.

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10. AnimeToon

This site holds a collection of all the recent anime content which was released just a few days back. AnimeToon has a ton of Anime content that you can watch for no additional cost. You will experience equal ease as you used to feel with other alternatives. 

All you need to do is look through all kinds of animation, kid’s shows, and films as this site allows you to observe all the best-in-class cartoons without ads hampering your experience. 

However, one issue to note is the availability of ads all around the website. However, you can ignore them and utilize the search tab to get your favorite anime. The best part is that there are different servers available to view high-quality content without buffering.

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11. 9Anime

The website 9Anime is somewhat popular in the world of online anime content and the community that likes to view it is well-aware of its outstanding features. It is known as one of the best online anime streaming websites for free. 

In the event that you need to stream the content of anime that has the best quality, at that point, this website is the most ideal choice for you. The website 9Anime holds anime in both English and the ones which are dubbed as well. Above all, the user is able to download anime content without any problem. All he needs to do is simply pick the right content. 

The special component of this site is that they are giving out all these services without charging anything. Moreover, the whole site doesn’t have any ads at all. What more can you ask for? It likewise gives us the choice to shift between the video quality of our online video as per our internet speed. 

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12. AnimeUltima


AnimeUltima is the ideal Justdubs alternative as it has anime content that was present on Justdubs as well. This website proffers its users an unlimited set of web-based features. Thus, all Anime fans can easily enjoy a terrific experience watching different anime content dubbed in English. This website also has an integrated media player in it, and this element is the standard feature of AnimeUltima for its customers.

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13. Anime Planet

The website possesses a gigantic collection of animated content than other similar sites. Anime Planet, as we can see from its name, is a Master site for viewing anime content and stream online films at any point in time. This website holds the most recent online anime content and that too with high-quality links for streaming of anime over the internet.

The users can access it at all times using the internet. This website works with a vibrant graphical user interface correlated to the other anime streaming destinations. As all the options are quite easy to use, each user can likewise choose which anime they wish to view starting from the index that drops down. 

The user is also able to likewise see for themselves the rating and choose the show to view on the internet. 

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14. Chia-Anime TV

The website Chia-Anime is viewed as a well-suited anime content site with the top-rated anime content on the internet. The website Chia-Anime is known for its highly accessible content with an additional option to download HD quality content in a jiffy. 

The best part is that this site supports 3D and 360-degree viewing of content and has a basic and intuitive UI which is super convenient. Everyone can watch the entire content free of cost with the specialty to view the latest Asian dramas and series. Thus, if you are an Asian Anime fan, Chia Anime TV is the apt site to go!

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15. AnimeLab

This is a website that is committed to providing its users with a rich Anime content variety in HD quality. From the first website look and feel, you may think that AnimeLab has all the contents that JustDubs composed of! AnimeLab has a natural and easy to understand graphical user interface. 

Also, AnimesLab is considered one of the mainstream anime streaming websites. This user interface is entirely safe, making admittance to all your #1 anime content is quite convenient. This website has all the renowned Anime shows under one roof. The users can easily sign up and love their extraordinary speed over this website as this website is highly optimized.

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Some Last Words

These were the most reliable alternatives to JustDubs. Anime surely holds a major position in online streaming. So, if you truly love to view anime out there, you should tap on one of the above-suggested websites to get ultimate fun. Most of the options mentioned before are freely available. However, some of them such as Crunchyroll, additionally accompany premium memberships. So, pick your alternative wisely and make sure you keep checking it for recent anime content.


  • What is JustDubs?

JustDubs is a top fascinating streaming platform to help you watch Anime content. This comprises all the latest anime TV shows and anime films. Anime fans love using this site for excellent anime content.

  • What happened to JustDubs?

The official website of JustDubs is down owing to several technical glitches. Also, in some parts, its access is denied by governments. Thus, you can switch to the above-mentioned alternatives for nonstop anime fun.  There have been few technical glitches too in this website. 

  • Is JustDubs Legal?

According to different online watchers, JustDubs is found to be a legitimate platform that allows anime TV shows and movies. 

In case you feel safety concerns, just use any of the trusted VPN services to ensure high-end protection and shield your identity on the internet.