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The Hottest Online Gaming Trends for 2021 

2020 was an excellent year for online gaming, primarily because more than half the world’s population were locked down and confined to their homes. This meant that gaming manufacturers were able to see exactly what was in demand and take steps to meet user expectation. This…


What Makes Tf2 Such a Popular Game 

Team Fortress 2 is over 12 years old, but it’s still very much alive now than it ever was. It’s a free-to-play cartoony first-person shooter with an emphasis on team play and character customization. Even though the game has changed to some extent since its…


5 Reasons Why The CS:GO Skin Market Will Grow In 2021 

Counter Strike was first introduced to the world in 1999 and released on Windows platform-based computers. A multiplayer first-person shooter it soon took the gaming world by storm. Bringing the excitement of playing a counter-terrorist agent trying to prevent bombings, terrorist attacks including hostage-taking or…