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An A – Z Guide To Online Rummy 

Rummy as a game is enjoyed by all. In the recent years, the spurt in the number of smartphone users has led to more number of players playing online rummy than ever before. Online rummy has its own attraction, which makes you go back and…


Throne Kingdom At War Game Review 

In the past years, strategy games have become extremely popular on both Android and iOS platforms. That real rage started with Clash of Clans, and we have had better options since. Currently, there are many games to choose if you want a strategy-based gameplay. Obviously,…


5 Ways To Improve Your Indian Rummy Game 

Now, who would not be interested in this? Of all the card games, rummy is very popular. And Indian rummy, in particular, is the favorite game at any Indian gathering – festivals, parties, weddings, get-togethers, kitty parties etc. There is so much fun and enjoyment…