Einthusan is arguably the number 1 provider of Hindi movies and its website houses a massive collection of Einthusan Hindi movies, Einthusan Tamil movies, and a whole lot more.

Since Einthusan is not available in some countries, we have gathered for you 17 Einthusan alternatives to stream free movies in 2021.

Let’s dive right in!


YuppTV is one of the best Einthusan alternatives where you can stream movies for free.

Much like Einthusan, this revolutionary website has a massive collection of Hindi movies and has support for multiple languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, and Bengali just to name a few.

YuppTV not only allows users to stream free movies online but also features popular tv shows from top-rated local channels. You can also watch live TV on their website.

YuppTV’s website is easy to navigate with genres and different types of media content already categorized on the website’s main page.

You can also type the specific title of the movie you are looking for through the website’s search bar.

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Hotstar is another great Einthusan alternative to stream free movies because of the number of movies and shows that are readily available to watch. One thing that sets this apart from the rest of streaming websites is the amount of kid-friendly content this Hotstar features.

Not only will you get movies like Einthusan Tamil or Einthusan Hindi but you also get access to a library of Disney plus content.

Hotstar also allows its users to stream free movies on mobile devices like your iOS and Android phones so you can definitely stream for free, on the go.

With its Netflix-like layout, browsing through all the content is very intuitive and simple.

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Third on our list of Einthusian alternatives to stream free movies is Sonyliv Entertainment. Much like the Einthusan library of free content, Sonyliv also houses an impressive list of Indian movies.

Just note that in order for you to start streaming movies on Sonyliv, you must first create and register an account and you are good to go.

This streaming platform not only provides you Hindi and Tamil movies but also gets you access to live-stream content and even gets you to access to various sports programs.

This website’s interface is straightforward and clean, making it easy for all of its users to search for a specific title they want to watch.

What makes Sonyliv a great alternative to Einthusan Hindi is the fact that it also supports major Indian languages.

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Comparable with the websites we have mentioned here, Zee5 is another website that is a great alternative to Einthusan.

Zee5 has an impressive collection of Indian movies and its website supports a lot of languages like Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, and even Thai and Indonesian.

One great feature of Zee5 is that when you first get on its website, you are immediately asked for your content preference, and offers multiple movie categories like Kannada, Bhojpuri, and so much more.

To start, you will be asked to sign up for a free account and that’s all you need!

Just note that Zee5 also offers a Premium membership for users who want more access but with Zee5’s great selection of free movies, you can definitely choose to stay as a non-paying user.

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We’re pretty sure this does not come as a surprise to you anymore because YouTube seems to have every content ever created on its website and even has your beloved Hindi and Indian regional movies.

Youtube made our list of Einthusan alternatives to stream free movies because of its available selection ready to watch online. There are a lot of good-quality channels hosting Indian movies on its website.

Just do note, however, that the selection on Youtube will not be as massive as the other websites we have included in this list but hey, we are sure you’ll find what you like.

Creating a Youtube account is free and all you have to do is type in proper keywords to help you find what you are looking for like Bengali movies, Tamil movies, and many more.

You can even search by typing Einthusan Hindi movies or Einthusan Tamil movies.

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Next on our list is Yomovies which is another great Einthusan alternative to stream free movies in 2021. This website has an amazing list of Hindi movies and is even categorized according to the genre.

The movies you can access from Yomovies are completely free.

If by any chance, you are taking a break from watching Hindi movies, you can also watch Hollywood movies from the classics to the new releases. You also get access to popular TV series that are Hindi and English.

There are plenty of ways of browsing or sorting content on Yomovies and searching for the content you like is easy. You can even sort by year and the website will give you all of the movies or series released in your specified year.

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Online Movies Gold

Online Movies Gold, also known as Movies Gold Pro, is another great Einthusan alternative to stream free movies in 2021.

This streaming website features a great selection of popular movies and classic movies. In the Online Movies Gold catalog, you’ll even find movies released way back in 1936.

This website offers free access to all of its content and the ability to stream movies in HD is a great bonus. Online Movies Gold also offers Hollywood movies but the majority of its content is categorized in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam.

Much like Yomovies, Online Movies Gold also allows users to sort movies by year and the website will give you all of the movies released in your specified year.

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What sets Hindilinks4u apart from the rest is its impressive collection of documentaries. If you are looking for Hindi biographies or Hindi documentaries, Hindilinks4u will serve as a great Einthusan alternative.

All of the movies and TV series featured here are free and there is no need to pay a monthly subscription. This website has over 50 movie categories to choose from and supports several languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada.

Hindilinks4u also features content from other streaming websites we have listed here like Zee5, Sonyliv, and many more.

If you are on the lookout for dubbed Hindi movie titles, you’ll get access to that on Hindilinks4u, too.

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Next on our list is Yesmovies which is one of the great Einthusan alternatives to stream free movies in 2021.

Much like Yomovies, the Yesmovies website also has an amazing list of Hindi movies and is even categorized according to the genre and the movies you can access from both websites are completely free.

Yesmovies has a very straightforward approach that when you get on the website, you are immediately greeted by a search bar essentially telling its users to go ahead and look up what they want to watch straight away.

Of course, if you do not have a specific title in mind, you can just click on the movies tab and it will take you to a page of all its featured movies.

Yesmovies has a great selection of free movies in popular Indian languages and it is definitely worth considering this website as an Einthusan alternative.

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MX Player

We all have moments in our lives that when we want to get our screen time fix, instead of watching movies online, we would rather spend hours binging lots of TV series episodes. MX Player has your back when it comes to that.

Of course, most of the online streaming websites we have featured on this list also offer various TV series but what sets MX player apart is its great selection of original web series.

MX Player’s web shows genre range from drama, thriller, reality, crime, and comedy. This website also allows its viewers to stream live tv and allows its users to set content language to the most popular Indian languages.

We also appreciate the fact that MX Player supports Indian Stand Up Comedians by featuring their shows on its website.

There is a lot to like about MX Player which makes it one of the best Einthusan alternatives to stream free movies in 2021.

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Tubi is a well-designed online streaming website that has a huge selection of movies, tv shows, and tv series.

Tubi made our list of the best Einthusan alternatives because all of its content is free and you have unlimited watch time without having to pay anything.

Tubi viewers are also not required to create and register an account so you can just watch anything you want straight away.

When you get on Tubi’s website, you can easily search for any movie you want or just click on whatever is featured on the main page. The website has a sleek layout that categories are easy to browse through.

You can stream Tubi content on any computer browser or you can download the Tubi app on iOS, Android, Roku, or Amazon Fire.

The only drawback about Tubi is its limited collection of Hindi titles.

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Next on our list of the best Einthusan alternatives to stream free movies in 2021 is Bolly2Tolly which is a well-known movie streaming website that carries Tamil titles.

Bolly2Tolly has an impressive catalog of free to stream classic and newly released blockbuster movies.

Aside from Tamil movies, Bolly2Tolly also features movies in English, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Bengali. This website is also a great source of Tamil TV Shows.

Comparable with most of the websites we have featured on this list, Bolly2Tolly also has a clean and user-friendly interface. Highlighted on its main page is a list of the latest released movies.

Unfortunately, Bolly2Tolly does not have a categorized genre list but you can still look for a specific title using the website’s search bar.

Another cool feature about Bolly2Tolly is its Upcoming Movies section where it shows you what and when Indian movies will be on the website.

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Next on our list of the best Einthusan alternatives to stream free movies in 2021 is TodayPK which probably has one of the most extensive collections of free-to-stream Einthusan Tamil movies.

This website has a well-organized categories tab at the top of the main page that features not only Tamil movies, Telugu movies, and Malayalam movies but English movies, too.

When you hover your mouse over the categories tab at the top, you will see TodayPk’s organized list of movies released in a specified year for a specific language which is a neat little function.

TodayPk is definitely worth checking out because of its main feature that is not that prominent from other movie streaming websites – it has its own dedicated section of Hindi Dubbed movies collection.

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Adding to our list of the best Einthusan alternatives to stream free movies in 2021 is SunNXT which is an online streaming website that features Indian content and is owned by a network.

This website supports content languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bengali.

This website does not have a movie catalog as massive as the rest but what you will find of value here is the free access to regional Indian tv shows.

To get started, all you have to do is create an account without any commitment and once you have created your SunNXT account, you will then be granted access to the free shows. Free content is easy to spot because it is already categorized and tagged as free.

If you want to gain more access, you will have to pay for your SunNXT plan which ranges from 30, 90, to 365 days of access.

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Vumoo is another excellent addition to our list of Einthusan alternatives to stream free movies in 2021.

Much like the rest of the websites we have featured here, Vumoo also made our list of the best Einthusan alternatives because all of its content is free and you have unlimited watch time without having to pay anything.

Vumoo has a big catalog of movies and TV series with a wide array of genres you can choose from.

Browsing through Vumoo’s list of movies can be quite challenging, though, as its layout does not let viewers sort through categories.

Another drawback is Vumoo’s limited Einthusan Hindi titles but we are sure you will find that they have more than enough movies to keep you entertained.

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Look Movie

Look Movie is an online streaming platform that houses countless movie titles and tv series and is a great Einthusan alternative website due to the fact that its catalog is absolutely free to stream.

Look Movie also allows its users to filter movies so that you can get to what you want to watch with ease. The website filters include genre, the year the movie was released, rating, and even an IMDb filter.

Two things that we do not like about Look Movie are the limited collection of Einthusan Hindi or Einthusan Tamil movies and the constant ad pop-ups.

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To conclude our list of the best Einthusan alternatives to stream free movies in 2021 is Filmlinks4u. Much like Bolly2Tolly and Hindilinks4u, this website has a massive collection of Einthusan Hindi and Einthusan Tamil films.

Moreover, this website also offers its users Western TV Series and Hollywood movies that can be streamed for free.

Featured on the main page of Filmlinks4u are the different categories you can choose from and from there, you can browse through its Bollywood movie titles right away.

You can watch the latest Bollywood movies on Filmlinks4u and they also feature content from the major OTT websites like Netflix and many more.

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No matter the genre of movie you enjoy watching, there is definitely a website where you can go to and get your fix. The websites that we have compiled in one list are all worth checking out.


  • Where can I download the Einthusan app?
    As of note, there is no Einthusan app available for download. In order to stream Einthusan movies, you still need to go to their website.
  • Do I need an Einthusan login before I can stream movies?
    No, an Einthusan login is not required but if you don’t want constant ad pop-ups while streaming, you can register for an account. Once you have your Einthusan login, you can pay a premium to avoid ads.
  • What is an Einthusan downloader?
    An Einthusan downloader is a means for Einthusan users to download content like movies from the website since that is not a function the website itself provides.
  • Is there a safe Einthusan downloader?
    There are a lot of places over the internet that claim to do just that (download Einthusan movies) but you’ll only get links that don’t work and some may even be harmful to your computer.
  • Are Einthusan alternatives free of charge?
    Majority of the websites we have featured on our list provide free access to their movies but there are a few that require users to pay a premium fee to unlock more content.