When you have an Android, it’s mostly a blank canvas for the user. There’s some basic apps you’re going to have already downloaded into the device, but there’s some select free and essential ones you need to have. Any Android device is only as capable as the user and what they add to each individual device. Our devices make us able to get more things done, stay organized and learn. Here’s a look at some apps to get you started.

Essentials for Health

Devices are like an extra helping hand for us. Android apps can make or break a healthy lifestyle and that’s why it’s imperative to pick the proper most time efficient, stress free apps you can find.


  1. Sleep as Android: There’s been a trend lately showing that for the most part regular alarm clocks aren’t the way to go. This app takes that a step further by providing an alarm clock that not only wakes somebody up, but tracks sleeping patterns.
  2. Google Fit: Staying on your fitness game is imperative for any health conscious person. The app tracks movement that includes running, walking and bicycling. Another benefit is connecting to multiple third party applications and devices.
  3. Dashlane: An essential to any lifestyle is keeping stress in check. In order to do this we have to worry less about miniscule things we shouldn’t have to worry about. Types of stress include trying to remember scores of passwords and online information. Dashlane keeps all of that in a secure database.

Essentials for Daily Life

Technology is making a lot of activities a lot easier. We no longer have to rely on different professionals ranging across all types of disciplines. There is so much that can be accomplished by downloading the simple essential app.


  1. Android Pay: Not having to take out your wallet or whip out that credit card is a blessing. On a majority of NFC-enabled Android phones, Android Pay has been picking up. All you have to do is turn on the app and swipe the camera over a contactless payment system.
  2. Weather Live: What time is it? What’s the weather like today? One of the many questions we ask ourselves subconsciously. This is a weather app for Android and lets you set a numerous amount of parameters. You can check what the temperature is and what it feels like too.
  3. Evernote: If you could accurately digitalize an entire binder full of notes and numerous notebooks, it would be this app. It’s a fast streamlined way to take notes, jot down thoughts equipped with a powerful search tool.

Putting it All Together

These are some of the top essential apps for anyone using an Android device. All of them are free to download and use. There are some options to upgrade them or try out different variations of a similar app. Add these apps today by taking only a few minutes to get some downloads rolling. You won’t regret having these essentials at your disposal.