Perhaps because they go directly into the mailboxes of customers, newsletters have been observed to enjoy an open rate of 22%, with some popular outlets like Washington Post even claiming their newsletters enjoy a 30% open rate.

What this means is that each time you dish out an email newsletter to your audience base, at least 22% of the target audience will see your content.

So, are you looking to deliver an exciting promo offer to your customers, announce the release of a new product, or educate customers on a trending subject? You need not worry about how you’re going to get the message across.

Email newsletters will ensure that at least 22% of your target audience gets your message. The only question is, can you create an attention-grabbing newsletter? If you can’t, you don’t need to worry. You can check out these newsletter templates to get started on creating your own.

Still not sure why you need to start sending email newsletters to your customers? Check out this list of amazing newsletter benefits we’ve compiled.

Cheap Advertising Cost

The first benefit of newsletters we will be pointing at in this post is its low cost. Compared with a number of other advertising and marketing tactics, newsletters are relatively cheaper to produce and disseminate.

When you think of email newsletters, you can think of them as the regular handbills or flyers used in traditional marketing to advertise products. Only that in this case, you won’t incur any paper or postage stamp cost, and you definitely don’t need to hire an extra pair of hands to get the job done. If at all you need to put someone on the task of sending out email newsletters, you can incorporate it into an existing employee’s workload. 

It Helps Build Customer Loyalty

Not that your customers expect to hear from you from time to time (after all, you’re not their friend), but taking the extra effort to send them materials they’ve not asked for – but which can benefit them in a number of ways – can instill a sense of loyalty, trust, and love in them. 

One of the benefits of email newsletters is that it helps you do this on a regular basis. Once you’ve built an email list, you can dish out newsletters to the contacts on this list from time to time, thereby reminding readers about your company, while also offering them value in the process.

Drive Sales

With an email newsletter, your business has the opportunity to bring its products in front of those who really need them (at least 22% of them will see it) while also getting the chance to explain in detail how the products benefit them.

Human beings are impulsive, so by incentivizing them with coupon offers and also playing the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) card on them, you can get them to make a purchasing decision. 

To further prove the effectiveness of email newsletters in driving sales, let’s take a look at a simple illustration.

Imagine that you get an email newsletter in your mailbox today informing you that a product you once checked out on a business’ store is almost out of stock (FOMO), but if you make a move today, you can enjoy a 30% discount.

What do you think you will do?

Educate And Inform Customers

Newsletters can be used to educate your customers about a trending subject in the industry. If there is a new topic making the rounds on the internet, or a new development you feel your customers deserve to be aware of, you can use an email newsletter to bring them in the know. 

On the other hand, you can also use newsletters to inform your customers about new products, announce upcoming events, and deliver lots of exciting offers such as promo codes, coupons, and discounts.

Draw Traffic To Your Business Website Or Store

If you sell online or have a digital location you call home (website), you will definitely want people to visit there. But you can’t just sit around and expect that to happen organically.

Instead, you need to inform, incentivize, and encourage people to come to the platform! Luckily for you, that’s exactly what your email newsletter does. 

For a marketer or a content creator, you can use a newsletter to inform your audience about the release of your newest blog post, store arrivals, social media post, and so much more.


On a final note, creating effective newsletters is crucial to any digital marketing campaign you may have in mind. As such, it is highly important that you invest your time, money, and effort into creating them. However, in the event that you don’t really know how to produce good newsletters, you can always rely on those templates we mentioned in the link in the introductory part of this post to guide you.