Have you ever dreamed of going over 200 miles per hour in a multi-million-dollar Bugatti? Well, if you have a spare $20,000 a day and just happen to be in Las Vegas, that dream can become a reality thanks to young entrepreneur Houston Crosta. One of the most successful young businessmen in Las Vegas, Houston is the founder of Royalty Exotic Cars. By exotic, he means everything from Ferrari’s to the famous Bugatti Veyron Mansory Vivere. If you have the cash, you can feel like a millionaire baller and rent your dream car for a day or even a week.

Today, Crosta sports gold watches, a multi-million-dollar estate in a private gated Las Vegas community and owns a fleet of luxury vehicles. He claims his business rakes in up to half-a-million dollars a month in revenue. That’s an amazing accomplishment for a 30-year-old, but starting out was not so easy. It was a lesson in perseverance and hard work.

Crosta started out just 4 years ago in 2015 right on the famous Vegas strip. He was labeled the Scooter King because before he rented Ferrari’s, he rented out little motorized scooters and also charged 10 dollars an hour and made that business profitable in weeks. He promoted the scooters by handing out flyers to anyone who would take one. Houston would walk up and down the strip over eight hours per day with a promotional scooter sign on his back.

Today, Houston Crosta has more than 15 employees, about 40 exotic automobiles and has moved his business off the strip. He now caters to high-end, deep-pocketed clients. The move has worked well. With a focus on superior customer service and an inventory of cars that competitors can’t match, he’s thriving. Today, Royalty Exotic Cars are the highest rated high-end rental car service in Vegas, based on Trip Advisor reviews.

How Much Does Bugatti Car Insurance Cost?

A new Bugatti can cost upwards of 3 million dollars, and that’s just the beginning. Then you have to frequently change the tires and oil, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars more. It’s almost like owning a yacht; the maintenance costs never end. Then there’s auto insurance. This can cost as much as a small condo annually. A quick quote from leading comparison site Goodtogoinsurance.org shows than annual coverage can cost $50,000 per year and up. That is well over $4,000 per month and almost $1,000 per week. Talk about expensive coverage!

Auto insurance is so astronomically high for Bugatti’s because the repair costs can cost hundreds of thousands and even over 1 million dollars. There is also the risk of fraud for ultra exotic cars, all of which cause the premiums to skyrocket. Some carriers don’t insure Bugatti’s at all.

If you are not worth millions of dollars, then this type of automobile probably is not for you. However, you can always call up Royalty Exotic Cars and rent one for the reasonable price of $20,000 per day. You might even get a discount and a weekly rate of $100,000. That sounds reasonable when you consider how much owning one can cost per year.

Driving Around in a Bugatti Can Draw some Unwanted Attention

Police officers feel like they are the king of the road. They expect all drivers to bow down to them and can’t stand any driver who gets aggressive in their presence. If a driver has an exotic vehicle, then a cop seems to enjoy pulling them over. There’s a famous YouTube video of Crosta making a right turn in heavy bumper to bumper Las Vegas freeway traffic, directly in front of a Nevada State Trooper. Obviously, it pissed the Trooper off. Crosta was put in handcuffs and taken to jail for the crime of making a tight right turn in front of a Highway Patrol vehicle. The video went viral.

Getting a ticket in a Bugatti can cause your auto insurance rates to go up 15% or more. That means paying an additional $7,500 or more per year in premiums. Thankfully Crosta got a good lawyer and ended up pleading no contest and received no points on his driving record.

What Makes Royalty So Successful? 

One of the ways Royalty has been so successful is by separating itself from the competition. They have a large fleet of 36 high-end exotic vehicles and have unlimited mileage. Yes, you heard that correctly. You can drive a Ferrari all night and day, with as many miles as you want to drive, all for the same price. Then there’s service. Royalty will have a Lambo or Ferrari waiting for you at the airport, keys in hand. They will also help you learn to drive a Lambo or Ferrari if you don’t already know-how. They value their clients. Their clients have been extremely loyal and a big reason the company has grown so fast.

So the next time you are in Las Vegas and feel the urge to drive a Ferrari or even a Bugatti, Royalty Exotic Cars can make that dream a reality.