5G is fast. Supersonic fast. Look at it like this: 5G is around 20 times faster than 4G. So, if you’ve got a 4G phone, and you think it’s fast, imagine what it’d be like using a 5G smartphone. To put this another way; by the time you download a game on 4G, you could have downloaded it nearly 10 times using its successor. 

If you use your smartphone a lot, think about all the time you’d save. It’ll add up to a significant amount, day on day. But how will 5G impact casino gaming? Let’s have a look.

5G and Low Latency

Before we move on, it’s worth just knowing about 5G and low latency. Low latency is when a network is able to process a high amount of data with minimal delay.

They’re basically designed to support real-time access to rapidly changing data. This is great for people who like to play online games of all kinds, whether it’s RPG or if you want to play bingo games on your phone. It means that if you’re playing in a bingo room, in real-time, there’s less chance of a glitch or your phone slowing down to buffer. For bingo games, seamlessness is key.

In fact, AtomicMari, renowned as one of the world’s best female gamers, had a go at playing Destiny 2 on 5G at the Mobile World Congress, in Los Angeles. She said,

“What I notice is that I’m playing Destiny 2, and I’m playing with two other people on my team. And this is a game that is multiplayer with a lot of mobs and enemies that come out and anything in that type of game would cause a lot of latency problems. And what I know is that I haven’t seen any latency problems. And that is so dope.”

Virtual Reality (VR) will become a Reality with 5G

Low latency, coupled with quick speeds means, a lot of processing mechanisms can be stored remotely, like in a cloud. This then eliminates the need for headsets to have cords, along with better resolution, amongst other things. 

Additionally, 5G will also enable players to experience the same touch and movement they would when interacting with physical objects in the real world. The difference is that it’ll be an operation on their device, like a smartphone. Being able to move around like this, without cords, will be a game changer for players. This could, for example, enhance live casino games, as players will be able to embrace the live experience with little delay, whether it’s from their mobiles or their computers.

A Different Kind of  Casino Reality with Augmented Reality (AR)

If virtual reality isn’t your thing, and you’d prefer something more toned down, then augmented reality may be for you. With virtual reality, the whole world around the player is subjected to change. In contrast, with augmented reality, images are placed in a person’s world. What if you could view a bingo board in your room through the lens of your smartphone? That’s AR for you.

With 48% of consumers saying they will use AR across different types of media within the next five years, it’s definitely here to stay. With 7 out of 10 people believing 5G will provide a new gaming experience, augmented reality will need to keep up with the changes that 5G will bring. This includes the number of casino games, too, which will definitely benefit from this new technology.

Before we know it, 5G will be fully immersed in our lives. It’ll make online casinos and gaming sites even more seamless to play on. It’ll make other aspects of our lives easier, as well. With VR and AR, we’ll open up our minds to things we never thought possible, and that’ll become our new reality.