Once COVID-19 hit the world, everything changed. The way we communicate with our families, colleagues and customers is no exception. Humans are social creatures and when physical face-to-face communication is no longer an option, we’ll find other ways to contact each other. This is why the VoIP products are on the rise these days – people are tired of the humanless chatbots and crave for real human communication.

In fact, Verizon reports that during the quarantine the number of calls hit the new high – double the amount of what they usually process during Mother’s day. Despite the great variety of messengers available these days, it’s important for people all over the world to hear each other’s voices. Same goes to businesses. Phone communication and hearing a real human’s voice is more important than ever.

So if you aren’t supporting your customers via phone calls, you might be missing out. Let’s cover some of the working tips of how to make your customer communication via phone more effective. 

Empathy Goes A Long Way

Keep it friendly, helpful and attentive. Try getting into the customers’ shoes and understand their pains. Train your employees to adopt the skills necessary to sound empathetic and understanding. Trust me, when a person on the receiving end is irritated with the caller, it will be projected on the entire conversation and the person isn’t likely to call again. I’ve come across a support assistant that clearly got angry about me not hearing her due to line issues. She’d be almost yelling at me repeating what I didn’t hear. That’s a bad practice and you shouldn’t be dealing with your customers this way. 

Stay Positive And Away From “Difficult Times”

Have you received those emails from companies where they blab about being supportive during these “difficult times”? Well don’t do that and don’t apply this approach to your phone communication with customers as well. People are so tired of what’s going on in the world these days, the last thing they are looking for is yet another cliche reminder about it. Keep it positive. I’ve been to a barber shop once and the process to set up an appointment was a pure pleasure. A lady was cheerful and positive, it seemed like she was definitely having a great day. I hung up with a smile on my face and so should your customers. 

Use The Right Business Phone Tools 

I’ve seen companies experiencing difficulties when it comes to business phone support systems. My friend who is a founder at a marketing agency used RingCentral and they couldn’t afford the enterprise plan yet they lacked some of the features in their basic plan. Because they didn’t have time to look for RingCentral alternatives, they were missing out on some of the functionalities like shared dashboard and call recording that would save them time and make their sales team more productive. Do your homework prior to making a choice and don’t fall for marketing tricks pulled out by bigger companies that don’t really care about smaller businesses. Make your choice wisely.

Use Their Name, But Not Too Often

You’d often see an advice telling you to use the person’s name as it’s “the most pleasant thing for their ears”. Well, while it could be definitely the case for some, overdoing it could bring you the exact opposite result. Keep it natural. You don’t say your friend’s name in every sentence while you speak to her, do you? That would surely be weird. So why would you do this to a person you don’t know? When I hear my name too often when speaking to a support member or a sales rep, it sounds like they are trying too hard. It’s like “Yeah, you sure as hell know my name, mate. Now let’s get back to solving my problem”. Honestly, once or twice will do it for the entire conversation. 

Bottom line

Customer communication via phone is more important than ever these days and it’s your job to make sure it takes the right approach to it in your company. Just like with every type of human communication your customers value sincerity and empathy, they need someone on their side who understands their pain and is willing to help. Adopt the right business phone system to cater to the needs of your company, make sure your employees who speak to the customers aren’t tired and have the energy to handle the amount of calls you are sending their way. Last, but not least – if you care about your employees, they will make sure to care about your customers.