Developing a research paper is a time-consuming and exhaustive process resulting in a piece of writing which presents the main outcomes of conducted research in the concise manner. While the main purpose of such is to attract attention to the acute problems in a specific field, students get more prejudiced as to difficultness of this type of scholarly work. Such an attitude has to be eradicated for the establishment of a more progressive and innovative scholarly setting.

In a broad sense, a research paper stands for the final product of an involved process of research, critical thinking, source evaluation, organization and composition. Some may think of research as of a living thing which grows and develops just as the ideas of student do. For experienced scholars at writing a research paper is not a challenge, but rather a routine task. Students, though, do struggle a lot with this particular type of writing and therefore it is better for them understand its peculiarities and principles. 

Main Features of A Research Essay

Primary and secondary sources of information are the basis for the decent research paper. However, these should only be used to help writer formulate his or her personal opinion of the studied issue and present it through the prism of the already available groundwork in the sphere. Therefore, the main goal of such an academic essay is to inform readers as to the brand new findings on the particular subject. This can best be accomplished through the following types of research papers:

  • Intends to persuade the reader by means of the strong argumentation and presentation of both supporting and controversial opinions. Incorrectness of the latter, though, shall be explained in detail so that the reader is by no means confused.
  • Aims to analyse a certain problem in the process of its exploration and evaluation. The ultimate purpose of such is not to persuade a reader, but rather present a critical interpretation of the conducted research. 

How to Write A Research Paper

According to experts, drafting of the research work consists of several stages. Firstly, one should begin by choosing a topic and developing the research questions. In case the research topic is provided by the supervisor, the main task of a student is to understand the assignment and the actual issue to study. When deciding on the topic individually, a scholar has to  think of the subject independently and get the approval for it on the part of the academic supervisor.

The following are a few tips on how to better choose a topic for an essay:

  • Start to think on it as early as possible and write all the occured ideas.
  • Brainstorm on the possible topic within the framework of the subject.
  • Read works of others on the same problem or any topic related to the studied one.
  • Repeat the brainstorming session after choosing a preliminary set of topics to come up with the final one.

Secondly, a writer needs to understand the possible target audience for whom he or she is creating a piece. Whether a single professor or a larger scientific audience, it is necessary to adopt the contents and the language of the writing to their educational level. This means that some basic terms may not need be explained in detail when the article is aimed at people well aware of the issue and vice versa.

Upon the completion of the first two stages as well as a deep and comprehensive literature research, a student sets about to drafting. Obviously, all the drafting as well as writing have to be guided by the determined research questions, thesis statement, and the determined audience. When the major part of the paper is drafted, the only thing left would be to revise it, edit when necessary, and finally proofread.

Research paper is one of the most common types of academic work which aims to add or discover something new in the suggested field of study. Moreover, writing a research paper requires students to conduct an extensive research first, combine it with the appropriate structuring and reasonable evidence. Even though, it may seem to be a rather troublesome assignment, writing research papers may turn out to be interesting process when performed consciously.