If your everyday work is related to writing texts, you probably know, the success of your work is contingent on the type of the software you use. Not only writers or journalists write articles every day. Considering the popularity of blogging or marketing in current times, the number of people who need a high-quality writing application increase.

In this review, we’ll analyze all features offered by Ulysses – one of the best writing programs, available on the market today. This app is focused on the needs of Mac users only.

What is the Goal of Ulysses? 

Firstly, the app allows all users of Mac devices to be more concentrated on their everyday duties. Nothing deflects their attention away from writing! If you are a user, who prefers to have a variety of icons on the interface, this app is not for you. This program is for those who wish to have a clear look on their screens. It is deemed to be an Editor’s Choice amidst all software products developed for writers.

It provides you with a broad selection of extremely useful tools. With the functionality of Ulysses, you can create a cool workspace on your computer. Your creative work will be much easier. Formatting and publishing within the app are also possible.

A Deep Analysis of the Core Features 

This editor allows you to have all your texts, posts or drafts in one place. It simplifies your everyday work and helps you improve the quality of your papers! Below, you can find and become familiar with the main tools which simplify the life of every writer.

• The Use of Markdown. This is a powerful tool, allowing you to use basic formatting to your texts avoiding the necessity to use different buttons. With this feature, you won’t face any issues related to file formatting. It eliminates the necessity to use a variety of unnecessary formatting menus.

• You can work without constant distractions. Otherwise stated, when you need to focus on a particular task and wish to do it, this app won’t distract you with a variety of other options you don’t need at the moment.

• Headlines or other important constituents of any text are always at your disposal.

• You won’t lose a written text. Except for storing in the app, your text will also be stored in the iCloud drive. You can keep working on a particular article being anywhere you are.

• Integration with WordPress and Medium. You just need to finish your article, press the “Publish” button in the app and you can immediately proceed with publishing it on your website (you won’t spend time on copying/pasting).

• Easy exporting. You won’t face difficulties related to exporting your books or articles from the app. Several clicks and your paper is ready for reading. You can export files in the form of ebooks, HTML, PDFs or Word.

• A Goal Tracker Option. You should fill in your goals (the number of words or paragraphs) and the app will monitor your progress.

The installation procedure is simple and fast. You just need to download the program on Setapp and come through an easy installation process.

How Much Does it Cost? 

The program is not cheap but it is worth its money. The price for a monthly subscription is $14.99. If you desire to save money, you should purchase an annual subscription, which is considerably cheaper.

Bottom Line 

This is a number one work tool for writers who prefer using the only high-quality software. Ulysses will save your time and efforts and will provide you with a broad selection of tools necessary for your creative work. If you are a first-time user, you’ll probably spend some time, reading tutorials or just wandering in the app. You’ll get accustomed to the look of the app and understand what one or another feature means. After that, you’ll realize this is an ideal space for writing.