You can transfer your WOW Classic character to WOW TBC Classic, but you need to pay a cloning service fee. Blizzard has revealed that the character cloning service will cost $35 per character, many players feel angry about the high price of cloning service. But the price has been reduced by Blizzard to $15 per character today, which is really a good news to players who want to access to Burning Crusade Classic.

Those who entered the Burning Crusade will stay on the same server (Progression Realms) and enjoy all the new features of level 70 and new copies of new races. A few weeks after launch of TBC, Those who choose to stay in the WOW Classic will be transferred to the new server, called Classic Era Realms. The highest level of Classic Era Realms server will always be level 60, and no new features will be added. For those players who want to play WOW Classic TBC, you need enough TBC Classic Gold to enhance your adventure!

Here is the conclusion of Cloning service price information:

Dear WOW Classic players, we want to inform you of our ongoing adjustments about the clone fee of WOW Classic characters. There are two choice for you after the launch of WOW Classic TBC patch, you need to take into consideration that if you want to stay in the Classic Era (version 1.13) or progressing to Burning Crusade Classic (version 2.5). If you want to keep your original characters in these two versions, you can clone your WOW Classic character to Classic TBC with real world money. The character cloning service would be $35 per character, however, in the past week or so, we have received a lot of feedback from the community, so we decided to lower the price. After thinking twice carefully, we decided to reduce the clone fee to $15.

Here is the screenshot of Blizzard Blue Post, it has listed the fees of different countries, if you have any concerns, then you can read it carefully!

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