Worlds Of Warcraft is a legendary MMORPG game that is still dominating the online gaming space since its release 15 years ago. Worlds Of Warcraft is considered to be a jack of all trades with amazing graphics, difficult raids, fun-filled quests, and a vast and complex world that provides the players with multiple options and places to explore. 

Although, all these complex features and rules can be quite intimidating for a player which is why using wow shadowlands mount along with the tips and recommendations mentioned in this guide will definitely make your life easier in the game. 

Everything New With The Worlds Of Warcraft:

With the launch of Worlds Of Warcraft Shadownland pre-patch, there are some major changes in the game that have been announced by Blizzard. For any new player, it is crucial that he knows all about it in order to make his/her gameplay more efficient while veterans need to adapt their gameplay accordingly. 

  • A new zone in the game has been introduced in the game primarily for new players. In this zone, there is this new character Exile’s Reach that will provide the new players with a comprehensive introduction to the game. 
  • The character levels have been capped at 60, making it much easier for all the players to get a max level character in the game while making the leveling up process more satisfying and quick. This is beneficial for veterans as they can now get to the max level in a much shorter time depending on their skills and experience in the game. 
  • The leveling up process has been changed as well. To learn about that in detail you can check out the official site of Worlds Of Warcraft and learn more about that in detail. 

Keeping all this in mind, we are now moving forward with some of the best Worlds Of Warcraft tips that will help new players with the game as well as with the creation of their first character. 

Creating Your First Character

One of the most daunting decisions that you will come across in the game is the choices that you get while creating your first character. Keeping in mind the different races, servers, character class, and powers, it is quite horrifying as you might end up playing the game for dozens of hours before you realize if the character you created is a good fit or not. 

World of Warcraft

Additionally, if you are going to play with your friends online, make sure that you all are on the same server as well as the characters are of the same faction so that you all can participate in quests together. 

With the 12 character classes in Worlds Of Warcraft, as a newbie, you need to concentrate on your needs and gameplay so that you can choose a character that is compatible with your squad members in the long run. Most of the newbies never pay attention to all these details as they go with flashy or powerful looking characters making the gameplay difficult for themselves. 

In-Game Tips

Now that you are ready with your character, you can move forward with the game where you can join your friends and compete in different events and quests. Here, like most of the newbies in the game, there is no need for you to rush into different quests and events. 

Exploring the World of Warcraft - GameSpot

It can not be stressed enough, but you do need to take your time in reading the quest text. It is quite tempting to skip all the conversations and messages and start with the fight right away, however, when it comes to events and quests in which you have to find a specific character or go to a certain location, all these conversations can really save you a lot of time. 

Is Level Boost A Good Idea?

For new Worlds Of Warcraft players that just bought Shadowlands, they can boost the level of any character they like with the help of the boost token that they get. The token will boost their character to level 120( and to level 50 after the update). 

On one hand, players can directly enjoy a high-level character in the game without going through any of the hassles, on the other hand, they will miss out on fun-filled and versatile quests and zones in the game. Either way, it is all up to you as both these options are worth experiencing. 


As a Worlds Of Warcraft player, you need to take your time and enjoy all the different aspects of the game. With multiple worlds, zones, and characters Worlds Of Warcraft is a treat for players that love MMORPGs.