The seventh expansion of World Of Warcraft is now upon us! Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, it is the sequel for World Of Warcraft: Legion. The game was announced at the BlizzCon 2017 event on November 3, 2017. After long wait packed with teasers and trailers, it was released on the 14th of August 2018. Recently joined World Of Warcraft? You might wish to have a sneak preview of what is to be expected on this fresh expansion!

Soon after the defeat of Sargeras, the invasion of the Burning Legion was finally brought to a halt. The faction leaders, all rejoicing at the fact that they managed to defeat the demons were caught up in their celebrations until…

A mysterious crystal known as the Azerite began sprouting at Silithus, the location that was completely devasted when Sargeras tried to destroy the planet of Azeroth. Before his defeat, he managed to impale the planet with his sword. Jastor Gallywix, the Trade Prince of Goblins, arrives to the festivities of the Horde and informs Sylvanas Windrunner about the Azerite. According to him, the crystals have great potentials. They will quickly find out that even their rival faction, the Alliance knows about this.

In World Of Warcraft: Battle Of Azeroth, you will be able to witness two of the most striking events in the whole history of World Of Warcraft, the burning of the world tree, Teldrassil and the invasion of Undercity.

Sylvanas Windrunner thought that Teldrassil, the home of the night elves would be used as a port to transport Azerite crystals faster across the continents. She would launch an attack towards the night elves and completely leave the tree in ablaze in the fires of destruction. Players would be able to assist their faction leaders in either, support the burning of Teldrassil or try to combat it. But it’s a fact, it cannot be stopped.

The Alliance would counterattack by invading the homeland of the forsaken and warchief of the Horde, Sylvanas. It would be that fateful war that Sylvanas would reveal to the players her banshee form. However, that would not be enough to defend her kingdom. As the Alliance leaders reunite in the throne room to claim the throne of Undercity but Sylvanas would escape by defiling the lands with the Forsaken Blight. No one can access Undercity from now on.

The expansion has revealed two new continents, Zandalar and Kul Tiras. According to Blizzard, Jaina would raise the sunken ship of her father from the sea and revisit her mother in Kul Tiras, only to be proclaimed a traitor and sentenced to death. Kul Tiras would be approached by the Alliance while Zandalar, the kingdom of the trolls would be approached by the Horde. Zandalar is suffering from a civil war involving the blood trolls.

New dungeons and skirmishes are known to appear for World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth notably Temple Of Sethraliss, Shrine Of The Storm and Waycrest Manor. A raid against Queen Azshara is known to be released after the launch. Obviously, these are justa mere glimpse of the great wonders to be encountered on this new expansion.

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