WordPress is a very popular way of maintaining and updating websites and blogs. A few years ago, if you were using WordPress, your website or blog were probably very successful. But nowadays when everyone uses it, it is really hard to stay at the top. One of the ways you can improve your website or blog is to follow the latest WordPress website design trends. This way, it will be much easier to stay at the top and be up to date.

We gathered some of the most popular WordPress website design trends in the US that you can incorporate into your website or blog to make them better.

Focus on mobile design

The first thing you have to make sure is right is your websites mobile design. Although everyone uses computers, mobile phones are slowly starting to take computers’ place. A lot of people use their mobile phones when searching for something or reading something as it is much more convenient. It is a very practical device after all. That’s why you have to pay extreme attention to how your website looks on mobile phones. If it doesn’t work properly, chances are not many people will stick around and visit your website often. If you don’t know how to do so, you should definitely hire professionals to handle design. This way, your website will look nice on both phone screens and computer screens. Plus, you will be able to focus more on other important WordPress website design trends. You can always also use mobile-friendly WordPress themes.

Emphasis on animations

Flash-based animations made on Macromedia were popular over the internet many years ago. But they slowly faded because of their limitations. Now thanks to improved HTML5 and CSS3, they are making a comeback. Animations make the user experience more vibrant and interactive which makes people come back to your website for more content. As these animations can be made easily in JavaScript, many people started using them instead of using images and videos on their websites. Animations can provide as much information as videos in a much better way. Most websites are now moving to particle animations. The best part about them is that they don’t slow down the performance of your website. But if your website happens to be slow, you better get WP Full Care as nobody likes slow websites. 

Including VR/AR to your WordPress

Virtual reality apps are on the rise. This technology is evolving more and more every day. WordPress developers started creating plugins that help VR/AR content as well as 360-degrees content to be embedded on WordPress websites. This is only the beginning of this technology. Why not be one of the first ones to use it? It’s fun and creative and people love fun and creative things. These plugins can pull your website to the top. For the best results, it’s best to use virtual reality photos. They can be very helpful besides being fun. Certain industries can benefit from virtual reality in the near future.

Video headers

A few years ago, this seemed impossible. But now it is as internet speed increased. Video headers are now one of the WordPress website design trends. Playing videos on phones is now much easier and that’s why most WordPress developers have started including video headers in their themes. Videos can make your website more attractive and modern. This is useful as users get a lot of information just by watching the header videos. You should use this possibility to advertise your product or your service. This is one of the things we believe you should have even if you are just now starting a small business.


Over the last few years, chatbots weren’t so necessary. But a lot of people started using them again. It didn’t take long before developers started embedding them into websites as soon as they realized people started to love chatbots again. Many large companies are following the trend and are already sourcing out some of their customer support to virtual staff.  Chatbot plugins for WordPress can answer questions and offer basic customer support autonomously. As customer support is very important, chatbots are too as they are very practical. They are basically virtual assistants. Chatbots don’t do much for the design but designers do have to figure out how to make the experience visually appealing to users. Making a creative chatbot design is very important. 

Large fonts

In order to keep users attention, using large fonts is very important. Text is overlaid on images with bold fonts and bright colors. This is the best way to grab someone’s attention. Large text in the center of the page that tells you exactly what you want to know is never a bad idea. This is one of the trends used mostly used by food chain restaurants to promote their new offers. But you can get creative and use this trend for any type of business.

Conclusion on WordPress website design trends

These trends are just some of many. The important part is that you have to be very creative in order to have a successful website. So use these trends to benefit your business, website or your blog. Remember that you can always ask for help from WordPress professionals. But some of these trends, you can do on your own like the large font and video header. These two on their own can do wonders for the performance and the overall look of your website.