Wondershare, known for its utility software, isn’t a new name for us. In the past years, we’ve tested and loved most of the software published by the company. Video Converter Ultimate for Windows surely one of the big shots there.

We were pretty much excited when we came to know about the brand-new suite from them — Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac. For one, macOS sucks when it comes to the compatibility with media formats. There is no way to easily convert videos within the OS either. Not everyone of us would be using Final Cut Pro and other high-end software. Thus, enter, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

We have been using this brilliant piece of software for the past few days, for day-to-day media management and some minor projects. Still, we’ve tried to keep this review quick, letting you know what the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate version can do and how well it does those things.

What’s Up with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac?

We think we should call Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate a complete video suite and toolbox. There are a lot of things you can do with this piece of software, and it’s not restricted to converting videos into the various video converters. That having said, as far as conversion is concerned, it has compatibility with more than 1000 formats. Sounds pretty awesome, right? But, wait, the best things are yet to come.

Before we check out the various features offered, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate availability must be taken into account. Although we are talking about the macOS version, there is a Windows variant too. In both variants, the pricing is freemium. You can try the program for a while, converting or downloading just a few videos. If you want full control over features, you need to purchase the program via Wondershare.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is compatible with any device that is running Mac OS X 10.5 or later. In practice, almost every Mac device should work perfectly fine. We tried the program in a MacBook Air and the performance was just top-notch.

Video Conversion & More — What It Offers

Let’s have a quick look at what Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac can do. There is an extremely huge number of features that each section can be an individual review. For now, we’re covering the basics.

  • Converting Media Files

With hundreds of compatible formats and dedicated selection of devices, you can easily convert any piece of media — audio or video — into a convenient format. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate will not only choose the compatible format but also optimize the final output to work fine in the device. Thanks to its use of APEXTRANS, video conversion here is up to 30x faster. Wondering how to convert MPEG to MP4? Simply select the source and target formats and hit the Convert button. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?


  • Video Editing for Beginners

Using the video editing features of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate doesn’t require deep knowledge with FCP or anything. There are a few things you can do, ranging from trimming to adding watermark into a final video. You can also experiment with special effects and your own subtitles. The features are quite useful for your minor video projects.

  • Download Web Videos

If you have Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, you don’t need another tool for downloading all videos from YouTube or other websites. All you have to do is to paste the URL, and you can choose the Quality and Format thereafter. Keep the copyright ethics apart, you can record videos from streaming sites too. In short, this tool will help you grab your favorite web content quickly.

  • DVD Burning and Video Toolbox

The DVD Burning section of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate will help you burn your favorite videos to a DVD or Blu-Ray disc. You can make use of in-built editor and the multitude of DVD Templates. Coming to the Video Toolbox, you have features such as VR Converter, DVD Copying, GIF Making, Casting Videos to TV and Screen Recorder.

Don’t you think that Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is truly multipurpose?

The UI — A Nice Revamp

Compared to the previous version, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate has upgraded the UI. It became somewhat simpler and intuitive. It means that you can get started with any of the abovementioned features without any introduction. When compared to the media suites that we find in the market, this is just cool. If you are asking the judgement on UI, we’d say Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is the best.

The Bottom Line

In the course of our testing period, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate didn’t bring any trouble or glitch. We also thought that the conversion speeds were better, although not exactly 30x always. And, if you ask us why you should go for it, our answer would have to deal with how Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate can help you take care of videos and other media in your Mac. If you are new to the software, you can download Wondershare Video Converter Here. And, for those who are still running the older version of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, this is a great update.