If you have used your computer for professional or academic needs, you would have definitely heard about Adobe Acrobat. This tool from Adobe is considered the go-to choice for opening and editing PDF documents. Even in the case of Mac, which has a dedicated tool called Preview, Acrobat had that privileged position. This doesn’t mean, however, that Adobe Acrobat is the best way to manage your PDF documents.

In fact, there are a lot of features you miss when you stick to this good-old Acrobat. First of all, with Acrobat, you are always tied to its expensive subscription program. Also, editing and converting PDF documents using Acrobat can be a tiresome task for beginners. That is why we were excited when we found a PDF editor that is and goes beyond an Adobe Acrobat alternative — Wondershare PDFelement.

What Is Wondershare PDFelement?

At its core, PDFelement is a PDF editing software that is available for both macOS and Windows. On both of these platforms, the program offers the best experience of creating, editing, converting and managing PDF documents with ease. While we may say that PDFelement is an Adobe Acrobat alternative, there is so much more in the package. Here I’d like to show mac version first.

This tool is trusted by professionals at companies like Deloitte, ESSAR, HITACHI and TAQA. The developer is offering two variants for two purposes. PDFelement for standard use and PDFelement Pro for professionals who need additional features like OCR, Batch processing, Digital Signature support etc. The standard version starts at $6.99 per month while PDFelement Pro would cost you $9.99 per month. It provides a perpetual license as well, please find more details here

Opening And Editing PDFs

It is very easy to get started with Wondershare PDFelement or PDFelement Pro. We are talking about a tool that has been designed primarily for editing. So, when you open a document using PDFelement, you can see a rich toolbar on the left side of the screen.

Depending on what you want to edit, you can choose Markup, Text, Image, Link, Form or Redact. The most notable part is that only the selected type of content would be active; that is, only images if you picked that one. Then, you can change the various properties of the content. If it’s text content, you can easily edit the text, change font, etc. Similarly, you can rotate or resize images.

Once you are done, PDFelement lets you save the file into a format of your choice.

Other Noticeable Features In PDFelement

By now itself, PDFelement has become a better alternative to Adobe Acrobat. However, what makes the PDF editor so unique are the additional features indeed. Some of those features are:

  • OCR Support: You will be able to run Optical Character Recognition on documents that you had got scanned earlier. PDFelement will convert the same into a readable, editable PDF document in just a few seconds. It supports more than 23 languages.

  • Rich Markup Tools: PDFelement is the best choice when it comes to markup and annotation. You will be able to make changes in the PDF document without opening any Editing interface. This will be an actual addition for those who manage forms and study materials.

  • Interactive Forms: Using PDFelement, you can even create interactive form content inside a PDF file. This will make it easy when you have to collect information from various sources and arrange all the data in the best way possible.

  • Redaction: Redaction is one of the many features that you would use in a professional environment. You will have to redact a lot of information when you send a document to someone. PDFelement is making the right move in this area with the help of the right toolkits.

  • Batch Processing: Almost everything you can do with an individual file can be done in bulk as well. It makes more sense to convert and OCR multiple PDF files in case of commercial needs. This is why we still consider PDFelement as the best option for enterprise needs as well.

Apart from these, PDFelement also provides you access to features like Encryption, Compression and adding Watermark to the PDF pages. These features come in handy when you want to optimize your documents for professional needs.

A Word On UI

With the latest version, PDFelement Pro 7.5, the developers have brought some changes to the design, but everything is super-minimal and awesome to use. The chances of getting lost in the UI is zero, even if you’ve not used a PDF editor before. At the end of the day, the UI design complements the amazing set of features that PDFelement is offering.

The Final Words

At the end of the day, we have all the more reasons to recommend PDFelement to every user out there. It packs so many features that can come in handy for not just professionals but also casual users. Also, when compared to the pricing plans we have seen for Acrobat, PDFelement is just so affordable.  Now they are offering a special discount, save up to $60 off for pro version, $30 off for standard version. You can see more features and discounts here.