Be it Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or over the cloud, if you need to work with PDF documents, then you cannot just rely on the default pdf reader on your device. For tasks like editing PDF to converting pdf to word for free, you look for a simple and affordable PDF solution.

Wondershare PDFelement 9 is a solution that supports PDF editing, organizing, converting, sharing, adding signatures, and tons of other features (discussed in detail below). Moreover, this is available on all the platforms that we discussed earlier on, making it the most sought-after PDF solution on the internet. 

The all-new version Wondershare PDFelement 9 has added the following new improvements:

  1. Bottom layer update – With the latest version, the rendering speed has improved considerably. It functions up to 10% faster than the previous version.
  2. The multi-terminal flow of documents – Wondershare has made sure that the movement of documents across multiple devices and over the cloud is seamless. From desktop to mobile or cloud, the flow across multiple terminals is more convenient now.
  3. Lots of new advanced features
    A. In terms of new features introduced in PDFelement 9, the best one is document translation which solves the language problems faced by users.
    B. Among other features, one can not only annotate documents but also generate a quick summary of the information. This is referred to as intelligent annotation.
    C. The new reading mode provides readers an immersive experience by removing all the unwanted aspects of the PDF like toolbar.
    D. Managing documents in batches is also easier in the new version. 
  4. The exhaustive view support is excellent as one can independently see the cover and the page background. The rotating view is always there.
  5. Upgraded User Interface (UI) – Wondershare PDFelement 9 features a concise user interface which includes a larger reading space and easier navigation. 

Detailed Look At The Features of Wondershare PDFelement 9 

In this section, we will review the Wondershare PDFelement 9 software in detail by looking at the various features that it brings to the table. Let’s start.

  • Read and Annotate – PDF documents are preferred at the workplace because of the ease of reading such documents in comparison to Word. However, sometimes these documents get too unwieldy.

With Wondershare PDFelement 9, you get the ‘read’ mode which enhances your reading 

experience by removing all unnecessary aspects of the view like toolbars and title bars.
Further, the tool allows you to adjust the page size and layout as per your experience. Switching between the dark mode and the light mode is pretty easy.

The Annotate feature allows you to add notes and text comments. Creating highlights, underline and strikethrough is also possible. The best feature is the export of annotation notes.

P.S. Wondershare PDFelement 9 supports translation of 80+ languages and underlines the translation of the contents.

  • Cloud support – Wondershare PDFelement 9 allows users to open, save and share PDF documents over the cloud. This is super important in the present times when collaboration at the workplace is virtual and not always in a physical set-up.
  • Edit PDF – The major problem with using PDF documents is that it is very difficult to edit them even with a free PDF editor. With the edit feature of this tool, it is extremely easy to edit a complex PDF. For instance, if the PDF has text and image components and you wish to edit only the images, Wondershare PDFelement 9 allows you to choose to edit only images.

  • Form – This is one feature that certainly solves a big problem when it comes to filling up forms in PDF documents. The software recognizes the tables in the PDF document and then allows you to copy the contents of the table. You can also create a PDF form that can be filled by others.

  • OCR – Many organizations look for apps that can convert pdf to word ocr free. This is because while most PDF documents that are created these days are OCR enabled, there are situations when you come across PDF documents that are scanned copies of physical documents. Lawyers, in particular, face the issue of having scanned copies of court filings as they are notarized and then scanned and filed in court and served to the other side. Editing (in the form of copying or pasting) these documents is an unenviable task.

In comes Wondershare PDFelement 9, which recognizes text from scanned PDFs and images. It goes one step further and makes these scanned PDFs editable and searchable.

  • Bulk Document Management – Another feature of this software is that it allows users to manage headers, footers and backgrounds of documents in bulk. This is useful in organizations where lots of invoices and other PDF documents need to be generated and shared with various stakeholders.
  • Organize PDF pages – Yes, it is super easy to create PDF documents with the help of various word processing softwares. However, once a PDF is created, oftentimes, the pages need to be edited. This includes deleting, editing, and rearranging pages.

With Wondershare PDFelement 9, you can merge, split and rotate PDF pages. The size of PDF documents can also be reduced by compressing them. Extracting certain pages from a big PDF is a breeze.

  • Convert Files – Wondershare PDFelement 9 enables conversion of PDF documents to Word, Excel, PNG, JPG and many more. The reverse conversion to PDF from these formats is also possible. 

Pros and Cons of PDFelement – Comparison with other PDF editors

Let us now take a look at how PDFelement fares in comparison with other PDF editors like Nitro Pro 12 and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

  1. Price – At $129.99 (one-time fee for a perpetual plan), Wondershare PDFelement 9 is cheaper than both Nitro Pro 12 and Adobe Acrobat DC. 
  2. UI – The user interface of this tool is simple and minimal while that of the other PDF editors is complicated and confusing. 
  3. Edit Feature – Wondershare PDFelement 9 offers more tools in the edit feature. While it is simple to edit on Nitro Pro 12, the tools are few. In Adobe, on the other hand, tools are many but it is not easy to master them.  

Conclusion – Think PDF, think Wondershare PDFelement 9. 

The developers have made sure that if there is any task that you may want a PDF editor to do, Wondershare PDFelement 9 does it. From an immersive viewing experience to converting PDFs, editing PDFs to intelligent annotation, this software is a delight for PDF users.

Not only is it a complete PDF solution that lets you accomplish all the tasks mentioned above but it also lets you do them with ease because of the cleaner UI. Features like bulk document management and OCR function support make it all the more useful for enterprises.

When compared with other PDF editors in the market too, it ranks pretty high in terms of the features that it supports and the platforms of which it is available. The low cost, one-time fee makes it the first choice of many users (both individuals and organizations).

Wondershare’s commitment to its user base can be gauged from the new improvements and features that can be seen with every new version of the software.