Are you looking for software that gives you total control over PDF documents? Try the Wondershare PDFelement. This all-in-one pdf editor is a software that is cost efficient and easy to use. It is a product of Wondershare, a company with good ratings. Wondershare develops software for Mac, Windows, IOS, and Android.

The Wondershare PDFelement provides features that you need to edit pdf documents. You can convert files in other formats to PDF, create PDF, and convert PDF to other formats. You may compress PDF, edit PDF, and add signatures to PDF among other functions.


The Wondershare PDFElement is available for Android and IOS, Mac as well as Windows. It has the OCR function that is only in the Mac version. A separate OCR plugin for windows is available for sale. For this to function in Windows, you will need to buy the Windows PDFelement. Some of the key features of the Wondershare PDFElement are as follows:

Edit PDF

This feature is easy to use. It allows you to edit any PDF document. This works when you right-click on the PDF document. Choose the option ‘Open with Wondershare PDFelement’. Another option is to double click on the software icon from the desktop. Go to File>Open>Browse. Select browse to the computer and choose the PDF file to you want to edit. See the screenshot below:


Convert PDF

You have control over any document that you can open. You can access documents you create with Wondershare PDFelement using other PDF readers. The document can also convert to over 300 formats. These include PowerPoint, word, image files, and excel and others. You can also convert several files of different formats into one PDF document.As shown in the screenshot below, you can choose the viewing mode of your documents.


Create PDF

Creating PDF files with Wondershare PDFelement is easy. Go to the top left and click on File. Select the New option. This opens a window with more options. Click on the Blank option to create a new PDF file. By clicking on Add text, you start typing a document. You can add images, links, or do anything you wish with the document. See the screenshot:



The OCR function converts scanned PDF documents into PDF files that you can edit. Thereafter, you can handle the document just like a word document.


This feature compresses PDF files. It optimizes and reduces document sizes while maintaining the original quality. To use this function, open your PDF document. Click on File, then Optimize.This will give you more options. Choose the option that suits your need. The optimizing process is fast. Image size reduction is more clear and visible than in text only.


This function offers a unique feature. It lets you protect PDF documents with a password. The files are safe unless someone uses premium software to remove the password.

PDF Forms

Create and Edit PDF Forms

Wondershare PDFelement allows you to create and edit PDF forms. It offers various filling text fields. The form can have fields for digital signature, buttons, boxes, lists, and a lot more. There is a dialog box where you can add other options.

Filling and Signing PDF Forms

The Wondershare PDFelementhighlights fields to fill in a form. Thesoftware allows you to insert a certified signature or create a handwritten one. You can use this feature to safeguard your documents.

Protect and Encrypt PDF Forms

This software gives wide protection to your documents. Protection includes digital signatures, permissions password, and PDF form to fill before accessing documents.


This function allows you to underline and highlight a text. You can also create custom stamps and add notes.


With this option, you can extract any page in a document and create a new PDF file.


This new feature lets you remove any sensitive image or text from your PDF file.

Insert and Replace

This feature in the Wondershare PDFelement allows you to remove and replace pages. You can replace existing PDFs with other PDF pages. It also lets you insert new pages into a PDF document.

Headers and footers

You can give your PDF documents a professional and organized look with this feature.

The Wondershare PDFelement gives documents an all-in-one style and format. The quality and speed of conversion are perfect. The software has many features offering unique functions.You have total control of your files and documents. The Company offers after sales support in many languages. Wondershare PDFelement is reliable and affordable.

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