Wondershare MobileGo is an online all-in-one Android Application that helps to keep your phone organized. If you want to effortlessly transfer or organize all of your contacts, SMS messages, call logs, apps, music, videos and photos to and from your phone to a PC, then MobileGo is the way to go.

MobileGo comes both as a free version and the Pro version. Wondershare MobileGo has 15 days free trial. You can take full control of all features during the 15 days for the review.

The free version of offers basic Android management features, such as backup to your phone’s contents and enhances easy transfer of contact details and multimedia files from your phone to a PC and vice versa. You can also manage apps and send and reply to text messages from the computer.

The Pro version has more powerful features, such as the ability to convert audio and video files to a preferred format during transfer and the ability to import and export contacts to and from Outlook and Windows Mail.

Wondershare MobileGo can be downloaded directly from Google PlayStore on your phone or directly from the internet.


Launch Google PlayStore and search for Wondershare MobileGo and install it on your phone. Touch to install as seen on the resulting screen below.


The home screen offers an overview of your phone’s storage capacity. MobileGo allows you to figure out the amount of space occupied by movies, photos, music, and other content in your phone.

Installation 1

Linking your Android device to your PC requires you to install the software on your computer and connect your Android device via a USB cable, QR code (by scanning) or Wi-Fi. MobileGo should recognize your phone and display an overview of its contents.

The left side panel lists the features that are available for your phone. You can navigate by clicking on an item to get a window with more details in the main section of MobileGo’s screen. Clicking on any of the features gives you the ability to execute the tasks on the go

Installation 2

The Essentials

The App comes ready for day to day activities such as online backups, phone restoration, App installations, manage contacts, send text messages and import data to and from third party mail applications such as Outlook and Windows Live Mail.

The Essentials

Media Management

Apart from the App being able to import and export media, it gives you the option to convert your media from an unsupported format to the one your phone supports.

You can also import or export your playlist using MobileGo as well as exporting your playlist from your device to iTunes.

Media ManagementAdvanced Features

Data Transfer

This Mobile App enables you to do a data transfer from one phone to another regardless of the phone models. From the same menu you can also restore data from an old phone to a new one.

Data Transfer
Data Recovery

Your lost data, messages, pictures, music and videos can be recovered MobileGo by following the resulting wizard.

Data Recovery
Data Eraser

If you have any sensitive data on your phone that you may want to get rid of. Data eraser will do that for you. This feature can also be used to permanently delete junk files.

Rooting Device

You can also root your device to be able to access advanced administrative features

Android based MobileGo Pro offers a quick and attractive remedy to help manage Android devices. The Pro version comes with rich features that give you value for your money.


The app integrates well with the inbuilt Google PlayStore to give you access to millions of other available apps that can be installed on your phone. YouTube is also accessible under the download option.


Wrapping Up

Wondershare MobileGo is a great Android-to-Computer application for file sharing and mobile backup. You can also use it to monitor the performance of your Android device by cleaning junk files, optimization and speeding up the device manager.

Download Trial Version of Wondershare MobileGo by Clicking HERE